Monday, March 18, 2019

Use of Polarization in Goodbye, Mr. Chips Essay -- Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Use of Polarization in Goodbye, Mr. Chips Opposites attract. James Hilton uses this fact in Goodbye, Mr. Chips to develop tension in the story however, he makes greater use of this polarization to develop the character of Chips. Mr. Chips and Katherine Bridges may be viewed not wholly as opposites but also as arguments. Hilton uses thesis in the plaster bandage of young Chips and antithesis in the form of Katherine Bridges to arrive at synthesis, the temperament and character of the mature schoolmaster. Hilton portrays young Chips as lacking in confidence. During an interview, Chips, a schoolteacher in his early twenties, admits to Wetherby, the head of Brookfield, that disciplining young boys was not unrivalled of his strong points at Melbury, his previous school. Wetherby counsels Chips that youth and age often faith well and offers Chips a second chance at Brookfield, an old formal school (4). At Brookfield Chips assumes a scowl and a no guff attitude to cover his inwar d nervousness. During the next ten years, Chips realizes that his discipline although well(p) enough ...

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