Friday, March 15, 2019

The Toughest Decision of My Life Essay -- Personal Narrative Writing

The Toughest Decision of My Life People be often asked the interview, If I could go back in time, what would I change over? But have you ever materially thought about the settlement to that question? Whatwould you change or what would you keep the same? Accius, a contribution from Medea,said, Change rules all things. (II 118) I never realized how true this would be. When Ilook back in life, there are many things that I would change, but there is wiz decisiveness thatI am precise thankful that I made. That was the decision to continue living with mygrandparents and not to extend in with my mother. It was a normal afternoon after school when I returned to my house after a busyday in one-sixth grade. My grandfather was busy preparing dinner in anticipation of mygrandmother glide path home from work. Soon my real mom came by to have a seriousdiscussion about something. I had no idea that this something would be one of thehardest decisions I would ever have to make in my life. My real mom had just gotten a natural apartment that had enough bedrooms that I could live there. It had never crossed mymind that mournful in with her was the question with which she was going to confront me.Soon the topic came out when Mom said, Sade, how would you analogous to come and livewith me from at one time on? This remark was the beginning of one of the hardest times in mylife. I knew I had to make the right decision as Sophocles says, Decide not rashly. Thedecision made, can never be recalled. (Oedipus Rex 314) I was faced with the first choice of staying with my mother in her new home. Herhome was in a location outside the limits of my school partition so I would have to startattending a unlike school... ...that Iever made. In the years that followed, my mom continued moving around and having offand on jobs. I would have never had a stable home and would be who knows where bynow. I am now seventeen years old and dont regret a single day spent in mygrandparents house. They have cared for me like no one else could and I am realthankful for that. My mother and I have become closer than ever and we have a veryhappy relationship with each other. As Thomas Adams said, What we obtain cheaplywe esteem too lightly it is dearness which gives everything its value. (Sermons 14) Works Cited Adams, Thomas. Sermons. From the McMillan book of Quotes, Maxims, and celebrated Phrases, 1948.Euripides, the Medea. Trans Philip Vellacott, London Penguin Books, 1977.Sophocles, Oedipus Rex. Logan, Iowa The Perfection Form Company. NDP.

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