Saturday, March 30, 2019

Email and Letter Writing

e carry and Letter WritingDear Sir or Madam, in reference to your earn of February 1st this was the steering hand write letter economic consumptiond to start. I was sixteen years previous(a) and my dadaism was takeulation me to send a letter to the partnership where I would come my internship.My dad taught me how to write a letter in the correct format and how to stupefy the outgoing address. He said You should put the date in the devolve right-hand corner of the page. The signature should be also formal and the occlusion line should read Yours Faithfully. The Human Resources department at the company where I interned paid a fortune for the privilege of having an intern who could cosmic string a sentence together in legible, neat and hand written German. This company would go as far as arouseceling an internship or move the intern to additional classes.There are more critics that say honest-to-goodness fashion mail is not fast enough and is more(prenominal) expen sive. The elderly fashioned mail requires buying letters and paying for stamps. email, on the early(a)wise hand, is free. Most people forget closely internet and computer costs. German companies dont have these problems, because every company in Germany has a contract with the post office. They pay a certain amount of money every calendar month and rump send as many letters as they wish.Email will be bidd at the location to which it is sent some(prenominal) faster than regular mail however, both email and mail use addresses to which someone hind end send a letter or a message.Every other day I have an email from my tint mom in Germany. It keeps us in touch and in more constant communication than a letter could, because the I can receive her message almost immediately.In emails and letters a somebody writes thoughts level and sends it to another person. Both are used to communicate with another person however, email in these days is a modern mode of communication. In fact , email makes the modern business world more efficient. I by and large receive only emails these days (and lots of them). When I am on vacation for a couple days and come back to work, I am guaranteed to find more than a hundred emails. All these emails, excluding netmail emails, need my response and attention. Subjects who were not on the agenda before can overnight take on the highest priority and the communication about it can go half way across the world. (Kleiner)These days, when I open my mail box, I am lucky to find anything other than bills and junk mail. alas these are the only regularly visitors inside my letter box. People do not consider archaic fashioned letter pen an useful form of communication.When a person takes the time to write a letter, they have mostly thought their comments through which makes it to my mind a more grave mode of communication. If the same thought process and formal way of paper would be associated with traditional letter writing when one writes an email, it would not be as impersonal. People save lose the formal style writing an email. I received the following email from a co-worker the other dayIf we already have door made the old way / we dont have any in stock, make old door, if you can. Replace it with the freshly one and may add a note. The note in the holdfast to make it clear.This was the complete email and I was confused. This email, as are many others, is just not enough. It requires additional personal communication. Although most of the emails I receive are in a better writing style, almost none of them are formal. Emails suffice for most business purposes and mostly daily exchanges. They can also be very fast and practical. (Wilson)So, which is better emails or old fashioned letter writing?I believe that that letter writing itself is an art form. A persons mood and personality can be sensed, just by examining how the tails of individual letters are swept or how hard the writer pressed upon the paper. In an email, this is not possible. It is obvious that old fashioned letter writing is very time consuming and accordingly one can understand the need for faster communication in this busy world. Email is a more effective form of communication. maybe I am old fashioned however, I do roll in the hay receiving hand written letters, even though the amount of old fashioned mail is almost zero, barring birthday letters and Christmas cards. A letter is handwritten a person touched the paper and thought about another person. It is much more personal than an email could ever be and the old fashion letter has a value that cannot be replaced. (Wilson)SourcesKleiner, Kurt. Email and Letter Writing Share Fundamental Pattern. NewScientist. N.p., 26 Oct. 2005. Web. 15 Feb. 2010. .Wilson, Carole. The residue Between an Ordinary Letter and an E-mail. Helium. N.p., 2002-2010. Web. 16 Feb. 2010. .

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