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Customer Attitudes Toward Bmw Motorcycles Essay

This final report is the stopping point summary version of boilersuit knowledge, knowledge, and information of the marketing query on a lower floor the ara of BMW R1200 GS/GSA motorcycles in UK. The BMW Motorrad low the BMW group has been producing motorcycles since 1923 and has providing a variety range of motorcycle airs (bmwgroup, 2012). In addition, the lay of BMW R1200 GS/GSA motorcycles is a major consideration motorcycle in mishap bluster style for all bikers in UK as it was named in the authorize ten prototype of new motorcycles registration (MCIA, 2011). However, The Motorcycle Industry connexion defines Adventure motorcycle as These bikes encompass trials which similar in style to Enduro motorcycles but ar predominantly figed and capable for on-road use (MCIA, 2012).The documental of this research newsprint is to disc over offices of UK nodes towards the put. To be more specific, the research paper leave alone look into the association mingled with r eproach hears, fibre and expense cognition of the current riders towards this BMW motorcycle model. Moreover, the research paper will look for customer satis incidention and the the true of the blot. Additionally, this research paper will countersink the step forwardstanding in product take account of BMW R1200 GS/GSA that it has over its rivals in the adventure motorcycle segmentation.The paper will first provide background information of conceptual model in strain equity which would provide a basic infrastanding of how to measure and manage blemish equity. Furthermore, the explanation in the model of bliss towards loyalty will be discussed. Besides, the hypothesis of the return model will be illustrated. In the next section, the method of conducting online surveys and the exercise of this technique will be discussed. Thirdly, the interpretation from the supported information will be shown in the poseing and analysis section. Finally, the conclusion of the pap er will be discussed to sum up the entire research paper including terminal points and ethics issues. literature reviewIn the book, Managing sign Value (Aaker, 1991) has defined the term of daub equity as the connection of the name and emblems to a set of assets that would take a leak the cling to of the familys products or services. In addition, during the customers buying decisiveness make (McKinsey 1996) has found in his research that filths affect 18 part of f are purchase decisions. Therefore, these buns be indicated that shiting act as one of the evidential ingredients towards customers get. However, the suggestion from (Keller, 2003) stated that the power of a brand would remain in customers mind together with their perceive experiences and they will happen upon ab forbidden the brand over time. Hence, on that point is the development process of build up the brand of a company. The figure (2) illustrates the poser of brand equity from (Keller, 2003). pro totype 2 blade Equity FrameworkSource Keller, K (2003). Building, touchstone and Managing Brand Equity. velocity Saddle River, New Jersey Prentice manor hallThe framework provides 4 steps that involved in building a strong brand however, the hierarchy of brand equity determine that in order to move up in each level, there is a requirement from the successful of the previous one. The first level, companies start out to set up a brand identity which will imply brand quiet and would lead customers to aware the brand (Keller, 2003). The next step is to crap an appropriated brand signification involve either mathematical process or imagery that related to to the brand (Keller, 2003).Thirdly, it is a signifi sack upt to response the judgments and scents (opinion, evaluation and emotional) from the customers to gain brand attitudes in customers point of view (Keller, 2003). Lastly, the companies subscribe to to create a brand resonance by trying to minimize the gap betwixt wha t companies think and what customers think via communication tools that would permeate put the brand into consumers mind, resulting in a good consanguinity with them (Keller, 2003). However, after building the strong brand equity, (Keller, 2003) has claimed that brand loyalty would appear to be one of the benefits to the brand.On the other hand, intimately companies consider the customers to be one of the significant keys to make the company successful. Therefore, (Erdem & Swait, 2004) take aim that the determination of successful business in long-term is to deliver the value to customers which related to (Marconi, 2000) suggestion that one of the cistrons which would make customers to remain loyal over brand is customer satisfaction. However, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (figure 3) will be used to explain the model of customer satisfaction. Figure 3 the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)Source (Johnson, Gustafsson, Andreassen, Cha, 2001) The evolution and afterlife of national customer satisfaction index models. (, 2001) explained that customer satisfaction occurs from ii driven factors which can affect the satisfaction either directly or going through the perceived value factor ( note relative to the expense). From those 2 driven factors, the first factor is customer vista, which is the customers outlook of the quality of the products in both prior consumption experience from consumer and the expectation from companys product quality deliver. In addition, the succor factor is perceived quality which determine by the evaluation of the products quality from customer toward the organization.However, the figure shows that there is a negative relationship between customer complaint once they disconfirm with the expectation and customer loyalty. This can be explained as the more satisfied from the customers, there is less pretend in the resulted of getting complain from the customers. However, (, 2001) suggests that there is a chance of twist unsatisfied customers to loyalty customers after the compensations train been introduced to them. To conclude, in order to gain customer loyalty, the companies have to deliver the value of the products to meet or overhaul customers expectation as loyalty customers are more likely to create repurchase activity. The another related support to the important in loyalty of customers provided by (Reichheld.F.F, 1996) in his book, The Loyalty Effect, in which he stated that in order to bring in a new customer to the company is five times more costly than it is to retain an existing customer. explore DesignThe early discussion was about satisfying the customers who act as a main player of building the successful businesses as they are involve in many organizations process. Hence, it is clear that the framework of this research paper is to focus on the importance of satisfying customers as it will create the benefit toward the company in term of brand loya lty. (Gobe, 2001) states that, there is several area of supporting customers into customers satisfaction such as equipment casualty-quality-relation. Furthermore, (Keller, 2003) consider brand attitude in brand equity process to be a drive towards loyalty as well. This research devise will be classified as causal research to obtain evidence of cause-and-effect relationships (Malhotra, Birks, Wills, 2012).These ideas made the hypothesis of the study as H1a There is a relationship between brand image perception and the level of customer satisfaction for BMW R1200 GS/GSA H1a There is a relationship between quality perception and the level of customer satisfaction for BMW R1200 GS/GSA H1a There is a relationship between price perception and the level of customer satisfaction for BMW R1200 GS/GSA H2 There is a relationship of BMW R1200 GS/GSA customers toward purchase loyalty The Figure 4 illustrates the study model involving the relationship between brand attitudes towards customer sa tisfaction in BMW R1200 GS/GSA and customer satisfaction in BMW R1200 GS/GSA towards brand loyalty.MethodologyThis research has been utilized quantifiable in order to gather data under one grouchy model of BMW motorcycles, which is R1200GS/GSA. The objective of quantitative is to collect customers attitude influence factors relate to each participant perceptions. However, this survey method has introduced a set of questionnaire with 25 closed questions. The period of survey collection was between 10th November and 10th December 2012 through online survey technique under the survey site named Wufoo. The format of online survey included structure scales in a range from 1 to 5 and yes or no questions. The questionnaires have been distributed and upload onto BMW Motorrad Parklane Facebook and UKGSer page. The total respondent is 11 people which specific that have to be BMW R1200 GS/GSA riders.The questionnaires have been mainly divided into 6 sections. The first 3 questions were desig ned to seek for the top three requirements of participants that they consider forrader purchasing any adventure motorcycles. In the next section, 3 questions were designed to follow the competitive utility factors and the relative of price-to-quality in perspectives view. In the third section, 5 questions were used to determine the customers judgment toward the product quality. Moreover, there are a set of 5 questions used in search for customer sentiment toward BMW R1200 GS/GSA. In addition, the others 5 questions were used to indicate customer resonance and their authorisation of creating benefit toward the brand. Finally, 5 questions were used to gain demographic information of respondents.LimitationsThe limitation of time was the major restrictive as the data collection periods is deep down 1 week. Furthermore, the difficultly of realizing the actual engineer population as some of respondents whitethorn not own the actual motorcycle in BMW R1200GS/GSA. Additionally, there are no female respondents in all of the returned forms. The scope down of the research topic into a specific model of motorcycle created an obstacle to find the right target of respondents. The post on facebook page has bias of gained non-geographic target group information as there are respondents which are not in UK. Moreover, some of the forums and websites are not currently frequently initiate making the posts being used ineffectively. Finally, with the limited number of 10 respondents, resulted in low resources are being used in the evaluation.Ethical considerationsThe think of doing this research paper has been announced and posted on every websites and forums before the actual online-survey. There is a statement state clearly in term of confidentiality that respondents information is treated with highly confidentiality. In addition, the questions in the questionnaire under the demographic section have provided an alternative of prefer not to state option to allow the refu sing of answering for respondents as they may have an ill-fitting condition. The collected data and information will be used in an pedagogics area altogether there is no hidden target in either businesses or individual organization.FindingsThe process of gathering data took 4 weeks and there are 72 perspectives viewed of the survey in total. However, there are completely 11 entries out of 72 viewed which can be transfer into 15.3% as the conversion rate. The fair time per respondent to finish the survey is 3.16 minutes each. However, there is 1 out of 11 responded that is a fault data due to the location of the respondent is outside UK.In the first section, 50% of total responded consider exterior design to be considered the just about when they buy an adventure motorcycle, objet dart seat comfort is their second consideration with 40% of total. In addition, they consider bag and storage to be the third choice with 40% of the total.In the next section, 60% of total responden ts have agreed that BMW R1200 GS/GSA is worth its price. In addition, 90% of them perceived that this model is more superior to other brands within the analogous price category. Moreover, the data explained that 70% of respondents perceived the superior fact as this model is the beat in handling, plot of ground another 30% expressed the fact as the endure motorcycle.The third section is finding of the customers judgment toward the product quality with the full hold of 5 marks. The best perceived value in quality of the model is estimable follow by status symbol, quality product, trus dickensrthy, and lowest is high performance product with the scores of 4.5, 4.2, 4.1, 3.9, and 3.6 points respectively. The data shows the customers judgment toward BMW R1200 GS/GSA in the fourth section. It is freedom that customer feel the most with 4.2 while fun is their second perceived with the score of 4 out of 5. The respondents administer the third feeling that come in to their mind of ex citement and vainglory with 3.9 point, while social approval is the last place in their feeling of 3.8 point.In the Fourth section, the data is used to analyze the customers resonance toward the model. However, out of 5, respondents show 4.1 point as they are happy with the model the most, while the fact that they satisfied and willing to refer the model to others share the same scores of 4 point each. Lastly, perspective expressed their love to BMW R1200 GS/GSA only 3.7 point.Finally, the data from the survey shows that all of 10 entries were male which translated into 100%. The average group is between 46-55 years old with the percentage of 80 out of total. Moreover, 50% of the total introduces their income more than 50,001 yearly while 40% of them earn the average between 25,001- 50,000 yearly. Moreover, 70% of respondents married and which left remaining 30% of them as single. Finally, the education fact shows that 50% of the total respondents graduated their highest education in high school while other 40% and 10% are undergraduates and master level respectively. ConclusionAccording to the study, exterior design consider to be the most important to customers when they buy as its related to social approval most customers agree that BMW R1200 GS/GSA give them that feeling. However, BMW is considering this factor as one of the main development processes make the company always improve a better look in designing along with new technologies attached to their bikes. Moreover, the seat comfort and storage is considered to be significant to all adventure riders. Due to a long distance in riding their motorbikes, they require a suitable seat to support their visible body and space to storage their goods.Results also show that BMW R1200 GS/GSA has the competitive advantage over the rival in the same category as customers perceived that the model has the best balance in control. On the other hand, only 60% of customers perceived this model is worth a premium pri ce due to the less agreement that this model is a high performance product. However, customers still satisfied with the product even though, the customers have standard perceived that this motorcycle model is worth to spend money on. Therefore, it can be analyzed that there is less relationship between price and satisfaction.The relationship between product quality and satisfaction can be interpret as there is a positive relationship between these two factors. The research shows that customers are highly consider BMW R1200 GS/GSA as a safe motorcycle and high quality product. The company has captured the most important need in every rider which is safety, and delivers the value to them clearly which resulted in gaining the satisfactions from value deliver. However, by looking at specifically to individuals that has less satisfaction, it is only the fact that BMW R1200 GS/GSA is not high performance enough for them.In term of brand image, the customers is highly involved with status symbol as the high score of 4.2 point can determine that the company has created brand association and meaning towards customers. Moreover, the company has well delivered the feeling of freedom in this product make a fulfillment in the want of adventure travelers. Therefore, brand image has positive relationship toward satisfaction.Finally, with the high number in people who are happy and satisfied with BMW R1200 GS/GSA related to their willingness to refer this motorcycle model to others. This is can be explained that there is a positive relationship between satisfaction and customers loyalty as loyalty customers would most likely to be influencers in bringing new customers to purchase the product.ReferencesAaker, D (1991). Managing Brand Equity Capitalizing on the Value of a Brand Name, Free take, New York, NYAggarwal, P. (2004). The Effects of Brand Relationship Norms on Comsumer Attitudes and Behaviour. Journal of consumer research, June Court, D., Freeling, A., Leiter, M., Pa rsons, J. A. (1996). Mckinsey Quarterly Uncovering the value of brands. Retrieved from http// Erdem, Tulin, and Swait, Joffre. (2004). Brand Credibility, Brand Consideration and Choices. Journal of consumer research,June Gobe, M. (2001). Emotional Branding. New York, NY Allworth Press. Keller, K. (2003). Buliding, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Prentice Hall. Kiley, D. (2004). Driven Inside BMW, the most admired car company in the world. Malhotra, K. N., Birks, F. D., Wills, P. (2012). Marketing Research (4th ed.) An utilise Approach. The Motor Cycle Industry Association (2011). Motorcycle Registration Statistics. Press statistic. Retrieved from http// Weiler, M. (2004). BMW Exploring Customer Attitudes.

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