Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Business Applications quiz

The Dutton turns feed windowpanes transp arnt to reveal the desktop, letting you B) head desktop C) peek D) Display desktop 5. To turn off the computer, you would generate the Start menu, then click the on the right bottom of the menu. A) hole up B) Turn off C) stop D) Shut down 6. Button A prevention that appears on the right side of the menu when all items are not visible on the menu list is the B) Jump bar C) roll bar D) scroll bar 7. . A) scan bar When you feel multiple windows open, you can minimize all but the active window by . A) dragging the title bar to the top of the windowB) using elevated Flip D C) using Shake D) closing all windows boot out the active window 8. A Windows 7 feature that allows you to capture veil shots of any object on your screen is the . A) Snipping joyride B) overwhelm Shot Tool C) Print Screen Tool D) Capture Tool 9. The time before the screen saver starts is called the B) watt C) Delay D) crack 10. Time. A) Start Virtual folders that dis play the contents of multiple folders as though the files were stored together in one location are B) Libraries C) Archives D) Collections 11. . A) AlbumsAnother relate for a tight drive is USB Flash drive. B) False False 12. dickens or more windows can be active at the analogous time. A) True 13. Shortcuts can ONLY be added to the desktop. 14. You should extract files before move them as e-mail attachments. A) True 15. You can double-click the of a window to maximise it or to restore it. Title bar 16. When a program is pinned to the 0. 0/8. 0 task 17. Only one click is required to open it. In the Windows Explorer window, Local Disk (C) refers to the computer. 8. 0/8. 0 hard drive on your

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