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Rc Cola Marketing Plan Essay

I. Executive SummaryThe 2013 Marketing Plan of Adobo affiliation chain of restaurants outlines an onslaught in gross revenue promotion as a innovatively complete restaurant in Metro Manila and to sustain in the prior courses of business. Since the establishment couldnt afford a commercial advertisement, we study that providing leaflets and former(a) kinds of cheaper advertisement as our gross revenue promotion. To sustain in the antecedent classs, a harvest diversification for a new fag nutritionstuff is our proposal. The sales tar bump argon roughly around P 500, 000, 000 for attached course of instruction or a 5% projected increase in sales.1II. conjunction BackgroundA. go with HistoryEstablished by a Harvard Business School graduate, Mr. Jerome Uy, Adobo continuative is a chain of restaurants that case the sustenance and witnessing of the Filipino home to everyone. Having around P 5, 000, 000 as an initial capital, the first set up was opened in November 201 0 in Makati. approve bythe same team that won the Best Foreign licence in the 2009 Entrepreneur Franchising Awards, Adobo guild is forthwith one of the fastest-growing Filipino rights having 40 investment trusts in Metro Manila and another 9 stores soon-to-open.2A. ac smart set Marketing Organizational Chart3B. Current Marketing lineA. Market SituationAdobo Connection now is one of the fastest-growing Filipino dealerships and the largest food franchise dedicated to our national travelling bag. The initial investment is at to the lowest degree P3.75 trillion (including the franchise fee), depending on the size and condition of the location. The restaurants main buyers are Filipinos. They prefer Adobo Connection beca enjoyment of its delicious food at an every twenty-four hour period- cheap price, good atmospheric state and quick service.B. Company Situation1. Historical Company Data 2010 2011 2012Industry gross revenue 1 700 000 000 2 390 000 000 3 260 000 000 Company Market addresss 7.05% 10.04% 14.11%Sales Revenue 120 000 000 240 000 000 460 000 000Row 1 shows the industriousness sales of the whole adobo restaurant from 2010-2012. Row 2 shows the company commercialise place share of Adobo Connection in the entire industry. Row 3 shows the sales revenue of Adobo Connection from 2010-2012. 42010 Sales Market ShareAdobo Connection 120 000 000 7.05%Adobo res customarya 80 000 000 4.70%Others 1 500 000 000 88.23%Total 1 700 000 000 100%2011 Sales Market ShareAdobo Connection 240 000 000 10.04%Adobo Republic cl 000 000 6.27%Others 2 000 000 000 83.68%Total 2 390 000 000 100%2012 Sales Market ShareAdobo Connection 460 000 000 14.11%Adobo Republic 300 000 000 9.20%Others 2 500 000 000 76.68%Total 3 260 000 000 100%C. Competitive SituationAdobo Connection major competitor is Adobo Republic. This competitor has different strategies, valuations, competitive advances and niches in the market. With its niche market and undeniably fair-priced offerings , Adobo Republic has entered the process of expansion and currently has 3 branches, with much to come. And is continuously expanding and creating new stores with great and comfortable ambiance. New home-style meals are currently cosmos get outed to offer a wide variety of dishes to their guests. 5 warring LIST OF ADOBO CONECTION AND ADOBO REPUBLIC PRODUCTS AND ITS PRICES ADOBO CONNECTIONPRODUCTS REGULAR WITH SOUP & DRINKAdobo Specialties pilot ServingKuyas heat Chicken Adobo meal 99.00 115.00Kuyas Fried pork barrel/ mixed bag Adobo Meal 109.00 125.00Chicken Adobo saGata Meal 109.00 125.00Pork/Mix Adobo saGata Meal 119.00 135.00 mammas Sweet Chicken Adobo Meal 99.00 115.00Mamas Sweet Sweet Pork/Mix Adobo 109.00 125.00Lolas unmingled Chicken Adobo Meal 109.00 125.00Lolas Classic Pork/Mix Adobo Meal 119.00 135.00ADOBO REPUBLICPRODUCTS REGULARADOBO GALORE(w/ Salted Egg & Tomato) Solo ServingAdobo Diablo(Hot & blasphemous Pork w/ Adobo Rice) P120.00 Adobo saGata(Chicken, pork, or Mix w/ steam Rice) 115.00 Adobo Pork (W/ Adobo Rice) 115.00Adobo Mix (Chicken, Pork w/ Adobo Rice) 115.00Adobo Chicken (w/ Adobo Rice) 110.00Adobo Liver (w/ Adobo Rice) 110.00Adobo Squid (w/ Steamed Rice) 110.00Adobo Flakes (w/ Adobo Rice) 100.006D. dispersion SituationAdobo Connection Franchise main maculation is located at Jollibee Center 9th floor, San Miguel, Pasig metropolis. It has several stores in Pasig, Manila, Makati, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Pasay, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Caloo butt joint, Malabon, Calabarzon area, and Cebu. At present, the company has grget from 18 to 45 branches nationwide. There are 8 branches in Manila 7 branches in Calabarzon area 5 branches in Quezon City 4 branches in Makati 4 branches in Mandaluyong 2 branches in Pasig 2 branches in Muntinlupa and 1 branch in Taguig, Pasay, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Caloo buttocks, Malabon and Cebu and others are under eddy in some places. E. Macro Environment SituationThe Philippines has lon g been undermined with semipermanent structural problems practically(prenominal) that sustainable economic development is yet to be a dream come true. It has been affected by the crisis in a decline in these aspects export and foreign direct investments. Heavily parasitical on electronic and semiconductor exports, the Philippines has seen a downward trend in its export earnings as countries in demand of these exports are now in recession. Foreign direct investments (FDI) lowered because of investors losing confidence in the pecuniary market. Lower Foreign direct investments mean slower economic growth. Having such power and confidence, Adobo Connection has now reached its popularity in the market world. With the continued use of Adobo Connection brand, logo, and system investigate & development and new menu offerings HR, legal, and pay consultation and Continuous schooling Graphic formula for marketing and store designs Inclusion in public relations and national marketing ca mpaigns and effortsand superior control and audits, it achieved lots of development in a short expiration of time. And it motivates the owners to re-create and conceptualize Adobo Connection to better cater to its market with much more affordable costs than any other adobo restaurant. 7IV. probability and Issue AnalysisA. Opportunity AnalysisThe main opportunity veneering Adobo Connection is as follows1. It is the fastest-growing Filipino franchise as of the current twelvemonth 2. They expand intensively into other parts of the country. 3. Adobo Connection could add more operate to satisfy their customers needs and wants.B. Threats AnalysisThe main threats facing Adobo Connection are as follows1. High competition with dope fast food chain.2. Some customers prefer a home cooked adobo.8C. Main StrengthThe main strength facing Adobo Connection is as follows1. Serves many variety of adobos (pork or chicken sweet, spicy compressed or dry) 2. It is affordable3. Concentrated brand i dentity4. owing(p) locations of branches5. Great ambiance6. Good quality of employees7. Growing many outcome of franchise8. Young and professional managers were selected carefully, trained and developed to lead store teams in their quest to achieve high food, services, cleanliness and condition.D. Weakness AnalysisThe main impuissance facing Adobo Connection is as follows1. They do not offer meals that can satisfy group customers 2. Not all Filipinos issue their food chain9E. Issue AnalysisThe main failing facing Adobo Connection are as follows1. Should the Adobo Connection diversify their harvesting into fried food, family-size sodas, etc in order to sustain their place in the market? 2. Should Adobo Connection enhance their services offered? 3. Should Adobo Connection increase its publicise and promotion expenditures to match competitors expenditures?V. ObjectivesA. Financial Objective1. Continuous P 1 000, 000, per day sales2. To achieve the target sales of P 500,000,000 6 00,000,000 at the year of 2015B. Marketing objectives1. To promote Adobo Connection with minimum cost of advertising. 2. To expand the number of franchise outlets from 42 up to more in different malls in metro and also in the other places local and international. 3. Create customers loyalty though service qualities efficiency.10VI. Marketing systemA. Target MarketAdobo Connection leave alone focus in aiming unexampled adults and adults as their market segment. B. PositioningAdobo Connection exit position as offering Home quality service, outdo value yet total wise food. Adobo Connection is a fast-food chain where you can feel your heart most. By diversifying their product adding new services but would throw good quality of employees, fast service of food, variety of choices and great ambiance to their food chains customers would come back for more. Customer would not bearing fast food chain as same old prosaic menu again but would truly enjoy the burst of one-sided Filipin o cuisine. C. Pricing StrategyAdobo Connection allow for maintain their affordable prices for their target market as young adults with no works or with adults with works but in a tight budget. D. ServicesAdobo Connection testamenting maintain their good quality services such as the ambiance, great employees ,fast service of food, But we intent to add more services in order to be more known and unique with the other fast food chains.11* Bottomless Barako connection- where student and portion workers can do their works or share their experiences with their social society by the Wi-Fi connection and unlimited coffee offering. * Suggestion Hotline where customers can directly call out their suggestion or even complains.E. Sales ForceAdobo Connection ordain meticulously select their managers carefully, trained and developed to lead store teams in their quest to achieve high food, services, cleanliness and condition. There employees most oddly cooks are required to be trained with six months of training to reign a high quality yet fast services of food. Crews are also mandated to have passion in serving their customer who will treat them as their visitors in their house.F. Distribution ChannelAdobo connection will focus on putting their stores inside the mall, near school and beside office buildings. Hopefully they could also put up stores internationally.G. AdvertisingAdobo connection will use low cost promotion yet would reach their target market. It is the most low cost yet highly effective advertising for small and growing business by using the social media as their medium. 12VII. feat ProgramACTION PROGRAM PERIOD ACTIVITIES psyche/ incision RESPONSIBLE BUDGET 1. SERVICE DECEMBER-onwardsJANUARY to DECEMBER BARAKO BOTTOMLESSCONNECTIONADOBO SWAK OPERATION subdivision P 823,200 2. SALES FORCE JANUARY to DECEMBER EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH remembering OF THE YEAR prise STORE MANAGERS, OPERATION MANAGERS P 197,600 3. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL JANUARY to DECEMBER FRANCHISING OPERATION DEPARTMENT P 3.5 Million 4. SALES PROMOTION AND advertise DECEMBER-onwardsJANUARY to DECEMBER publish ADPOSTERSFLYERSSTREAMERSTARPAULIN cuspSOCIAL NETWORKSSELFIE ADOBO CONNECTION CONTEST MARKETING DEPARTMENT P 25,539,366 13The bodily function course of instruction no.1 refers to the BARAKO BOTTOMLESS WIFI CONNECTION, it tells astir(predicate) having a free wireless fidelity connection in the store and purchasing the barako coffee bottomless at all day, all night in just 49php only. ADOBO SWAK where in on that points a adobo rice in a cup and on the top there will be a special adobo dish in it, and ice tea also for the drinks in just 45php only. As indicated in action program no.2 our company will have our own website. The website allows the surfers to get more information about our company and updating reports about us this website will feature about our history, corporate, products, franchising, stores, investors information and feedback. And also, sur fers will be able to email us their comments and suggestions. The operation department will be liable with thus action program, and the allotted budget is P 125,000. Employee of the month refers to the incentives that the company will give to the employees who will perform their tasks well. either month store managers will be choosing the best employee. The recipient will get an incentive of P 200 worth of gift certificate. This program will be enabling the sales force to do their best and boost their morale. The allotted budget for this is P 117,600. About the citation of the company to the branch which earned an outstanding sales and focus on the product quality, cleanliness and efficient service. The Store of the Year will received P50,000, while the deterrent example Store which is the second place will received P30,000. The person responsible will be the Operation Manager. The allotted budget for this is P80,000. 14Action program no.3 refers to the Franchising, The initial i nvestment is at least P3.75 Million (including the franchise fee), depending on the size and condition of location. For the 5-year franchise fee of P650,000, you receive go for of the Adobo Connection brand, logo, and system Site procurement assistance Store design assistance Initial recruitment and training for the whole team possibleness team support and the Adobo Connection Operations Manuals. For the continuing fees of 5% of sales (2.5% royalties, 2.5% marketing support), you receive Continued use of Adobo Connection brand, logo, and system Research & development and new menu offerings HR, legal, and finance consultationContinuous training Graphic design for marketing and store designs Inclusion in public relations and national marketing campaigns and effortsand Quality control and audits.As indicated in action program no. 4 our company will develop a new advertising campaign through PRINT AD, POSTERS, FLYERS, STREAMERS, TARPAULIN, and BROCHURE and also in SOCIAL NETWORKS by l aunching their new menu, the unveiling of new product line as well as conventional adobo recipes. SELFIE ADOBO CONNECTION CONTEST, where in there will be a make do about taking of pictures with their favorite dishes in adobo connection and it will be posted on https// and we will see how many likes will they get and they will have a chance to win different prices. 15BREAKDOWN OF THE EXPENSES FOR THE ACTION PROGRAMACTION PROGRAM ACTIVITIES BREAKDOWN OF EXPENSES score 1. SERVICE BARAKO BOTTOMLESSCONNECTIONADOBO SWAK 49php/servingWifi connection plan with phone P1,400 X 12 months X 49 stores =823,20045php/serving P 823,200 2. SALES FORCE EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTHSTORE OF THE YEAR AWARD P 200 X 12 months X 49 stores=117,600P 50,000 + P 30,000= 80,000 P 117,600+P 80,000= P 197,600 3. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL FRANCHISING P 3.75 Million (including the franchise fee), depending on the size and condition of location. 4. SALES PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING PRINT ADManila Bul letinP 133,799Addtl. 80% full colorPhilippine StarP 121,600Addtl. 80% full colorPosters P98/pieceFlyers P 3/pieceStreamers P 400/pieceSelfie AC Contest1st Prize = 10,0002nd Prize= 5,0003rd Prize=3,000 P 133,799 x 1.80 x 52 weeksP 121,600 x 1.80 x 52 weeksP 98 X 49 stores X 10 pcs./ storeP 3 X 49 stores X 8,000 pcs./ storesP 400 X 20pcs. X 49 storesPhp 18,000 cash prize TOTAL PRINT ADP 23,905,346+P 48,020P 1,176,000P 392,000+P 18,000TOTAL = P 25,539,36616VIII. PROJECTED PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENTProjected Profit and going away StatementAdobo ConnectionProjected Profit and Loss StatementFor the year ended declination 2013IncomeNet salesP372 000 000Royalties and Franchise fees___8 450 000Total sales380 450 000ExpensesCost of SalesInventory, January 1 P1 420 000Purchases 57 000 000Total available for sales 58 420 000Inventory, December 31 1 690 00060 110 000Operating ExpensesSalaries and Wages 2 000 000Sales Promotion 180 000Rent Expense 9 600 000 unhorse and Water 1 920 000Licenses an d fees 120 000Depreciation and Amortization 45 000 relate and Maintenance 35 000Miscellaneous _ _ 420 00014 320 000Income from Operation 74 430 000 net profit Expense 31 500 000Income before Income Tax 24 600 00056 100 00017IX. ControlA. Efficiency Control1. Predictabilitya. Rational slew need to know what to expectb. Satisfaction of taste and benefits of the customer2. Distribution Efficiencya. Manage the service time of foodb. The taste and incrustation of food when it reaches to the customers 3. Awareness efficiencya. Hands-on manager who keeps an eye on the inventory and staff and uses her calculator and brain to make sure the food is priced fairly and b. prepared accurately and served efficiently4. Market efficiencya. surveil the price of food18B. Budget Control1. Check the monetary reports every month of the year2. Monthly monitoring of menu pricing to accommodate any inflation the restaurant is absorbing from its suppliers, or periodically discontinues menu items that are too expensive to make as a result of inflation. 3. Monitor the sales and markets of the company every quarter of the year19C. AppendicesPlaces Adobo Connection Adobo RepublicMakati 4 2Quezon 5 1Mandaluyong 4 1Pasig 2 1Manila 8 1Pasay 1 Muntinlupa 2 Las Pinas 1 Paranaque 1 Caloocan 1 Malabon 1 Calabarzon 7 Cebu 1 Taguig 1 Total Number of Stores 39 620

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