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Falling Asleep on the Job: The Story of Narcolepsy Essay example -- Bi

Falling Asleep on the Job The Story of NarcolepsyHave you ever pulled two all nighters in a row? If you have then you know that afterwards, during the day, you drift get through to sleep very easily. You feel physically and mentally exhausted and your mortalate tells you that you need to rest. This is a normal reaction by the remains to the pretermit of sleep. This however is something that tidy sum suffering from narcolepsy must deal with on a daily basis even when they have had a full nights sleep. wizard of the major signals they suffer from is overwhelming daytime sleepiness. Imagine you are in a boring lecture and you start to drift to sleep, usually you provide manage to force yourself to wake up. This may be common position only when try to imagine falling asleep while capricious or walking. These situations seem more rare. A narcoleptics body doesnt care what it is doing when it goes into these paralyzed sleeping episodes. The sudden overwhelming tactual sensatio n drives the narcoleptic person to fall asleep. One type of episode that they father is called cataplexy, which is usually caused by some stressful situation or another(prenominal) common activities such as laughing or running (6). During these periods the person suffers from muscle weakness and paralysis. Although the person appears to be sleeping, they are still conscious, but unable to move. They can hear and feel but cannot react to stimulation. For this motive narcolepsy is a very dangerous condition to have without receiving treatment because austere vehicle accidents can result as well as an general inability to succeed in school (6). Another major symptom that affects narcoleptics is called hypnagogic hallucinations, which they experience when they are falling asleep. These hallucinations can in... ... narcolepsy as well. 6) Narcolepsy Althogh people with the disorder do not fall face-first into their soup as in the movies, narcolepsy is still a mysterious disease. But science has new leads., Siegel really knows what he is talking about. http// of Human Narcolepsy Solved, He is the master of these studies http// of Pennsylvania Narcolepsy seek Project, A nice summary http// of amygdaloid projections to brainstem dopaminergic, noradrenergic and adrenergic jail cell groups in the rat, Brain Res Bull, 1992, volume 28, pp 447-454, Very detailed entropy 10)Living with Narcolepsy, Go info about the lives of Narcoleptics http//

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