Friday, March 8, 2019

Le film et le roman

Many say that when compare pictorial matters and books they differ a solidifying. Books provide a more comminuted think of characters and the events that occur, whereas the movies leave out Information and sometimes deter the moral of the news report. In the movie and book Ell Suppliant Sarah, it send word be seen that movies based on books do non portray the same events and themes occurred. Ultimately this takes a elbow room from emotions superstar feels towards real situations. Differences plunder be seen in the relationships between certain characters.Also the way traits of certain characters are shown. Moreover, some events that happened were non the same and to a faultk past from the oral meaning of the story. To begin with, the first difference that Is seen Is the relationships between certain characters, curiously Julia and Bertrand. In the book, it can be seen that their relationship Is very tense and non so strong. This can be seen when Bertrand insults Juli a in in front of his ancillary astir(predicate) how Americans think they are the best and Julia thinks to herself (De Rosary, 36-37).From this quote one can see that the relationship between Julia and Bertrand lacks love and affection. Julia feels silly and ridiculed by Bertrand and does non rede why he chooses to act this way. However, in the movie Antoine is not in this scene and their relationship is strong and is working well. As well, subsequent on Dana lee side roman, Julia finds out she is pregnant and thinks Bertrand will be in consecrateectual to know this. After telling him, she finds out that he is not clever she is devastated and this can be seen when she says (156-166).This quote shows how terrible and angry Julia feels that Bertrand does not extremity to keep the baby. In movie, It Is seen that Julia is a little upset, unless she quickly recovers and It does not front to bother her for too long. For both instances. The book has a ore detailed way of portrayi ng her thoughts whereas the movie fails to do so. In the end this takes extraneous from emotions and attachment viewers should feel towards her and leaves them surprised when they split up. Thus, that is how relationships are changed movie and book.Not only Is there a difference between relationships, but in like manner the way characters are shown. In the book, Sarahs character Is naive and Innocent however In the movie it Is Intelligent and clever. While at the camp, Rachel makes the plan to lean and at first Sarah hesitates, but then agrees. This can be seen when Rachel says Rachel exuberant connivance. Less aliment scheaper. Less aliment quitter get 32). Although, in the movie, Sarah brings up the idea and tells Rachel. Moreover, in the book when Sarah and Rachel escape, the police officer knows Sarah and eventually lets her go, (139).Nevertheless, In the movie the police man does not know her and lets her go because of the liberality he feels for all the kids. Through the events that happened at the camp, the differences were clearly noticeable. Sarahs character may have been changed to be more courageous because she is constantly reminded that she is to blame for privacy Michel. This is because her arenas yell at her for doing this whereas in the book, they do not put too much emphasis on It, illustrating that her parents know she is too young to understand the current situation.This takes away from her loving character and the fact that she under the hug of her parents blaming her for what she did. Hence, this changes the way Sarahs character is shown in both the movie and the book. Furthermore, UN tauter difference est.. Queue, Dana lee roman, Julia and Zoe both go to America, although, in the movie Julia ends up going alone. This was antithetic in the book because in the book Zoe plays an important role in encouraging her mother. This is significant because she is the one who forces Julia to not give up and real go and meet William. Therefor e, when she meets William, Zoe is not with her.Taking out these events takes away from Zoos character and makes Julia seem stronger than she truly she is. Furthermore, this leads to William being in denial of his mothers past. In the book he is surprised by what he learns and chooses to be ignorant and neither William nor his bring forth know about Sarahs past. However, in the movie they add in a scene of William meeting his sick father. In it he learns that his father actually knows what happened but never chose to tell him. This is significant because it changes the story as it is a secret that only he does not know about.As a result, this takes away from the whole purpose of Cilias Journey of being able to tell William about his mothers past. Also this alters the theme of forgetting the past, as in the book Sarah keeps to herself and does not tell anyone. Otherwise in the movie Sarah tells someone but still ends up committing suicide because it was too much to handle. This show s that even the process of sharing her story didnt take away the burden from her heart. Therefore, it is evident that movies based on books do not portray the same events ND themes occurred and takes away from the emotions one feels towards certain situations.While reading a book, it allows one to use their creativity and imagine what is happening. all the same movies Just show what is happening and sometimes end up changing the storyline. As seen in Ell Specialty Sarah, many things were changed, including the relationships between characters, the traits of certain characters, and changes in events. In the end, this altered the themes and made it hard for viewers to understand the story. Thus, it can be concluded that movies based on books have a lot of differences.

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