Monday, March 11, 2019

Natasha by David Bezmozgiz

Natasha by David Bezmozgis is a love bilgewater. It traffics in disappointment and features at least one cold heart. The story has a duplicate plot story that shows how young adults have changed through season whether to deal with issues such as love, relationship, family, desires, and company. Natasha would be a reliable schoolbook for Tai noble school classes to explore as the text encounters a lot of heavy issues that would help young adults to be aware(predicate) of the consequences the outcome, favorable environment hinge upon and drugs, culture, and relationship.The text illustrates a strong negative believe that young adults are not able to control the environment distractions sex and drugs are both issues which both the two main young characters, Berman and Natasha was a good illustration. As culture build up people to contrary personality and background. Western and Asian culture has cultural differences as westbound has an individualistic characteristics and a re often more(prenominal) social hierarchy. Despite Asian culture, they are very collective and mostly avoid confrontations.The characters in the story had portray independent in young adult through Natasha, whereas Natasha is a 14 year old girl who is very open much raised her self since young and seek for her captures attention. Despise, how she seeks for her m separates love, she turned into a trouble child. Moreover, social environment is in like manner an important point that defines how young adults are being shaped and how their attitudes and behaviors interact to people.As the matter of fact Natashas background is Russian, which the author defines that Russian has a more complex and complicated life as its natural society background that deals a lot with illegal stereotype. Young adults would be more aware of the consequences in different circumstances therefore, young adults who are well-known(prenominal) with sex and drugs tend to be more likely to be pregnant.Natasha and Berman had excessively illustrated a forbidden sexual intercourse since young and overcome it as a normal activity. Natasha therefore, lack of relationship in family and the people meet her as Natasha has a love and hate relationship with her mom, they both showed a clear conflict betwixt each other, both know where they survive with each other as there is no love between the two, they both say how they feel without having to care how the other person would feel.In other words, young adults should respect their parents and this would be a good example for siamese connection students not to portray a bad attitude. In conclusion, Natasha is suitable for Thai high school as it teaches Thai students to be more aware of the consequences, cultural differences in society, and it also helps Thai students to regain a good relationship with their parents. Therefore, Natasha would be a good text for Thai high school classes to look forward to.

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