Monday, May 6, 2019

Various Marketing Management Topics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Various Marketing Management Topics - Essay ExampleThe copy attempts to take the converse process forward through the affective act and the all important behavior stage by subtle psychological appeal to the viewers intelligence. It asserts the viewer sees things differently, likes challenges. There will be hardly anybody who disagrees with this. The affective stage is definitely crossed. There is a distinct possibility for hybrid the behavior stage.The word flossing to replace crossing in the pattern sign of a wild life sanctuary has multiple connotations the simplest meaning of the word flossing is using a fine silk thread for dental hygiene other meanings relate to its use in crocheting, its use to mention fine engraving in sculpting (architecture) and finally for the modern technologically minded, its use in robotics.The leaping deer, the warning sign and the apparently incorrect word flossing in place of crossing are all inharmonious with the word mealy and the caption You can always spot an Up Words player that is seen in the ad - these are designed to attract selective attention of the viewer.There is however the possibility that the advertisement whitethorn remind the viewer the current campaign/s for animal rights and wild life preservation (amplification). The viewer will then totally miss the point (leveling) - that the advertisement is for a word game UpWords - if he does not closely follow the copy in smaller print. In either cuticle the viewer is likely to retain the apparently misspelled flossing for crossing and the predominance of the leaping deer. If the viewer reads the text in smaller print this will help the advertiser in creating a lasting impression. Otherwise the deformed image will wither away after some time. The communication objectives the game manufacturer may set for the advertisement may be based on two consumer attributes high occupyment (the vendee has a predisposition for intellectual games as against outdoor games l ike base ball) and high product specialism (there are few players in the field). The six stages in the viewers buying process will then involve awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction and purchase. The advertisement under study creates awareness, knowledge, combines liking preference and conviction into one as we endure detailed above and induces purchase.The communication then follows the sequence what to say (content), how to say it logically (structure), how to say it symbolically (format) and who should say it (source). As we have seen the text has a psychological angle, it appeals to the ego of the viewer. The format is designed to harry interest with a strong optic and optimal copy combining the relevant (the copy) with the symbolic (the visual of the deer, the park and the sign). The source of the message is the puff up-known word game manufacturers Scrabble that lends it credibility.Absolut Vodka (Chapter 20) Vodka is generally considered a commodity. besi des in the market there is an astonishing amount of brand loyalty and preference based on brand image. The image of a brand is how the consumer perceives it. The perception is based on practical experience and how well the experience meets expectations. For non-users it is based on uninformed impressions, attitudes and beliefs. A strong or favorable image and so can be created by constantly delivering

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