Saturday, May 18, 2019

Limitations of New Media

New media technologies may have little impact on politics, even change politics for the worse. It has little effect on civic engagement. New media technologies increased policy-making knowledge among citizens already interested in politics, for users who are not, overt sphere online is meaningless. Social media activists are more democratic, more knowledgeable astir(predicate) current governmental events and also somewhat more understanding of anti-government sentiment. As the brisk media technologies provide a platform to talk without consequence and response, they have been widely sed by entire groups to shape the citizenship and distort democracy.Such as 2011 England riots, the event was also called BlackBerry riots because people used mobile devices and complaisant media such as twitter and facebook to organise. This Issue was launched majority by young people, who face the fierce competltlon and grand employment pressure. They are also the primary users of the fond med ia network. In this Issue, two man , 20 division old Jordan Blackshaw and 22 year old Perry Sutcliffe- Keenan had been sentenced to 4 years In Jall for attempting to use Facebook to rganize and orchestrate disorder.Blackshaw created a Fackbook event Smash Down Northwich Town, Sutcliffe-Keenan also set up a page encouraging thigh-slapper in Warrington. As Assistant Chief Constable Phil Thompson warned, The sentences passed down today recognize how technology preserve be abused to incite criminal activity, and send a strong message to potential troublemakers about the extent to which ordionary people value safety and order in their lives and their communities. As shown in the London riots, chirp users send a message to millions. SoTendentious information and hate speech of the extremists can also spread apace on the twitter, it would stimulate public dissatisfactions of government and make more people who dont know the truth business organization and anger. So openness and free dom of the online platform provided by brisk media technologies honor the sense of citizenship and democracy merely also have potential to disrupt social order and democracy. 2, Digital divide Disadvantaged groups- (the poor, the elder, the undereducated, and thous In rural areas-continued to chuck out behind in their access to and use of the internet.People who lack required knowledge, skill and cap are not easily access to the Internet. Let alone use blogs or youtube. They continued to lag behind In access to the election public sphere. 3,For Journalists on social media such as chirrup Issues of credlblllty. As social media has Impacted the speed of spread of Information and vernals show. There are sometimes situations where the news can be misinterpreted and misleading. It Is only human nature to add and edit what they hear to make It right better In their minds and this endency Is what makes the unofficial news unreliable.The User Generated Content usually lack of profe ssionalism. It Is called cltlzen Journalism provided when a story Is reported even in a post on Twitter or Facebook or Youtube, professionalism is key. story. But usually citizen Journalists record an event and present it to the public, very often without checking all the facts associate to the event. 4,political inequality The differenece between speaking and being hear. It is true that citizens face few lump barriers to posting their quite a little on the twitter or youtube.This is openiness in the most trivial sense. But from the perspective of mass politics, we worry most not about who posts but about get read. There are plenty of formal and informal barriers that hinder ordinary citizens ability to reach an audience. For the enormity of the content available on social networking sites, people seem to cluster strongly around the top few information sources in a given category. Such as trending topics on the twitter, even through these topics recommened intent to help their u sers to know what is adventure in the world.Trending topics are ometimes the result of concerted efforts and manipulations by preteen and teenaged fans of certain celebrities or heathen phenomena. Public sphere provided by the new media technologies in some extent is not equal for the public to make juncture. The elite domination still exists like in the mainstream media. 5, state interference, influence the watchdog affair of social media, Although state interference in the political discussion on the social media is generally neglected in the Western world, it is still a major obstacle for truly open, free discussion to run into n less developed democracies.For example, the central government of China employs professional writers to insert the state voice in many corners of social media chat rooms in HongKong and help create a bottom-up participatory control. So falling to see actual political change to arise from their opinion expressions, median(prenominal) citizens end u p voicing the most extreme opinions. Sacrificed in this process is the diversity of opinions and democracy. To conclude, Citizenship refers to the individual citizen self-awareness of his or her position in the nation.It concerns the right to know and speak for public in the democracy society. New media technologies reinforce the sense of citizenship and democratization because Rather than passively receive what the media want to inject to them, people in new media age are more active. The openness of the digital media would allow citizens to compete with Journalists for the creation and dissemination of political information. It broadens the public sphere, gives chances to citizens to engage in the political discussion, challenge domination and allows motivated itizens to be heard by a worldwide audience.But there are also limitations, the extensive use of new media technologies by extreme groups would incite criminal activities and distorts democracy. Disadvantaged groups continue d to lag behind in their access to the alternative public sphere. The new media technologies have served to level some existing political inequalities, but it has also created new ones. Government interference in the political discussion will break the Watchdog function of the new media.

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