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The Declaration of Independence Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The closure of license Analysis - Essay ExampleThe scene in 1776 during the meeting of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia was a very crucial one. The colonists have already fought umpteen battles together yet were missing on the aspect of unity(Purpose of the Declaration of emancipation.). The Declaration of Independence was searing as it united the colonists since many were reluctant to break away from their birth nation. Many wanted to via media and mend the relations with Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence boosted the unity of the colonists and boldly stated the justification for the separation from a ruthless regime (Purpose of the Declaration of Independence.). A nonher key purpose the declaration of license served was to break away from the British government. One can easily say that the purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to explain the view of the colonies (Armitage 15). Since the founding fathers deemed it necessary that all men are crea ted equal, everyone shall have a receive of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The Declaration in essence proclaimed that if the government derives of these rights, they have the right to heighten (Armitage 16). Since men create governments to protect their rights, it is essential that that the government accommodates their needs. Hence, the Declaration of Independence was vital towards the independence movement. The Declaration of Independence was also critical as it call fored for foreign help. Without a doubt, most countries such as France and Spain did not recognize America as a country. However, the Declaration of Independence assisted the colonists in their pursuit to ask for assistance in the international sphere (Purpose of the Declaration of Independence.). This unity was vital as it would collecting other nations to completely obliterate Englands power for its quest to dominate in the North American hemisphere. Lastly, the Declaration of Independence listed all th e list of grievances against the exponent, which was vital towards the liberation movement. The lists of grievances outlined all the woes that the colonists had to face receivable to the tabbys assent to law. In addition, the Declaration of Independence wanted to eliminate slave trade, which was rejected by the King himself((Jefferson 18). The grievances also stated that the king would appoint governors in each colony and overthrow a system of control. Any legislature that the King was not pleasing to him was immediately refuted by his highness. Moreover, the king insisted on stationing his army in the colonies without the legal consent of the colonists (Jefferson 20). The Quartering Act imposed by King George III was controversial as it was burden amongst the colonists to financially assist them. All these list of grievances and salutary nonperformance (Purpose of the Declaration of Independence.) against the King were outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Thus, the Dec laration of Independence hence was critical as it listed many flaws and justifications for the right to withdraw from Georges cruel law (Jefferson 24). Works Cited Armitage, David.The Declaration of Independence a global history. Cambridge, Mass. Harvard University Press, 2007. Print. Jefferson, Thomas, and Sam Fink.The Declaration

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