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Economics Coursework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

political economy Coursework - Essay ExampleAffordability of the customers As mortgages make become less costly, the affordability of an average citizen has therefore gained growth. Moreover, mortgages are to a greater extent(prenominal) readily available than before and therefore a consumer is more likely to avail himself a add and accession his boilers suit set of choices. Thus resulting in an increase in the aim shift of the consumer. (Neate, 2013) b. corner The pressures fork up double invasion on the demand shifts. Not only it has reduced the purchasing tycoon of a consumer but it has also taken away many sets of choices where a person used to invest. As recession is around, most of the investments are found to be riskier while these are also not pass judgment to earn high returns. Therefore, potential investors, especially the large ones look at housing as a safe avenue for investment as the returns that it earns are quite stable while the capital gains are also a part of the investment. This also influences the demand curve to shift to its right and increase the overall demand of the house owning. (Neate, 2013) (Osullivan, 2008) c. Herd Sentiment It shall be noted that the growth of house prices has already outgrown the site of growth in the loans extended in the form of mortgages. Such only reveals a point that the popular public is following the trend. This can be due to reasons such as the fear of inflated family line prices after the boom that these prices have received. Moreover, its cause may also be in the form of those investors who have looked it as a golden opportunity of capital gains and thus creating an artificial bubble of price fanfare that will sooner or later burst out. (Rowley, 2013) d. Expectations As prices have surged up so are the expectations of the people. As suggested in a late(a) article, the cost of average home may go up by 50,000 pounds in the course of the next five year. Moreover, keeping the sentiments in mind, the governments recent move to provide interest free loan up to 600,000 pounds has only shifted the trend further and have once again given raise to the demands of the masses. (Lambert, 2013) If we point our attention to the factors that have may have wedged the supply side of the UKs house owning phenomenon, the most important factor that grabs has shifted the supply curve includes the impact of exports whose disappointing performance has impacted the supply side of the above mentioned phenomenon. Since then, the government has focused more and more on supply side by encouraging the construction of more houses. Moreover, the lenders have been too diffused not only towards buyers but towards the sellers as well, since by supporting them in financing their projects they are energy the supply curve as well, which in this case is toward its right. In a recent move, the government launched sustenance scheme which allowed banks to avail themselves inexpensive financing that allo wed the lowering of the interest rates whose impacts were also seen on the demand side. (Rowley, 2013) 2. As one can see in the table below that the profits will increase to 40,000 pounds if the fare is decreased from 10 pounds to 8 pounds Fare Demand Total Revenue New constitute Profit 8 6 480 440 40 10 4 cd 410 -10 12 3 360 400 -40 (Osullivan, 2008) a. Below are the calculations required in case of price elasticitys of demand by the midpoint formula method as well as percentage change

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