Thursday, May 23, 2019

Race and Ethnicity Essay

Stereotypes have existed in a very long time, and almost everyone has stereotyped a person or has been considered as belonging to a particular group of stereotypes. But what is a stereotype in reality? Stereotyping is a way to group races or individuals together and make a judgment about them, without even so knowing them. Its a belief about a certain social group or type of individuals. Stereotypes squirt be optimistic, however stereotypes argon most often associated with negativity.Stereotypes often exist about cultures and countries as a whole, and it makes it easier to define a country or race, if you put them in specific groups. most every country or race has a stereotype. There exist infinitely many different stereotypes. As said before, they exist based groups and race, plainly also on gender and age. There are common stereotypes, which is about and between the cultures. Some common stereotype examples are, that all Asians have high IQs or black people are invariably c onnected to crime and violence.Its grouping the race together verifying that every Asian person is undimmed and every black person is criminal. Another type of stereotyping is the individual, which is about skaters, emos, gangsters and so on. Emos are stereotyped as being depressed people, who listen to sad euphony and cut themselves. Individual stereotypes are most between teenagers and in the schools, because younger people want to make one group or person higher-ranking and above another group or person.Stereotypes are not just about different races and backgrounds however. Gender and ago stereotypes also exist in our society. For example, if you say that men are better than women, youre stereotyping all men and all women. The invention of stereotypes has come naturally though time. When we see persons we dont know, we mechanically begin to put them in different groups in our head. It makes us believe we actually know them better or know what type of persons they are. An exam ple can be a person from the Middle East, because many people often connect them with only troubles and thefts.In that way we personally feel more safety, because and then we might say to ourselves that we have to take care and be more careful about what to say so there wont be any problems. On the other hand our thoughts about stereotypes arent always negative. We say that Italian are great cooks and make delicious food, which is a positive stereotype about Italy. ThereforeIda Jessen og Rikke Hemmingsen HH1C Silkeborg Handelsgymnasiet arent stereotypes the same as prejudices.Stereotypes are often exaggerated and funny and prejudices are only negative opinions about people and things. Stereotypes always appear negative in the medias. Again were comparing with the people from the Middle East. When there has been a crime and theyre talking about it in the medias, it has always been told loud and clear if its immigrates who had make a crime. On the other hand when its a local person, it has never been told. Therefore we actually compare stereotypes with only bad things, because thats how it has been appeared in the medias and it affects us, but stereotypes are often fun.

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