Wednesday, May 8, 2019

2.What is the democratic peace theory What are its strengths and Essay

2.What is the democratic stillness conjecture What are its strengths and weaknesses - Essay ExampleThe empirical association between peace and democracy has been challenged and debated since the inception of this surmisal to the current times.Statistically, the likelihood of democracies going into war is considered to be precise low (Art and Jervis, 2005 256). This theory not notwithstanding challenges the existence and validity of other systems of politics such as communism and fascism, but also challenges the wonted international relations realist view, which emphasizes that common strategic interests and calculations of balance of power are what explain stability and peace which characterizes liberal democracies relations (Baylis, Smith and Owens, 2010 424). It is no doubt that DPT is a fundamental aspect in perceptiveness international relation and politics. Therefore, this essay will focus on understanding DPT in detail, as hearty as focus on its advantages and disadvan tages.The proponents of DPT have offered several explanations regarding the assertion that democracies rarely or never go to war with each other. Some of these explanations include democracies often peaceful conflict resolution norms that they employ in external relations democracies relate and trade heavily with other democracies and war will be very costly and of little or no gain at all democracies are made up of democratic institutions like powerful legislations and competitive elections which may prohibit governments from going to war and democratic leading are answerable to voters for issues such as war and on that pointfore they have an incentive to find alternatives (Art and Jervis, 2005 257). Fundamentally, there are four main explanations for the democratic peace theory structural, monadic, dyadic, and normative explanations.The structural explanation holds that it is the exemplar government institutions which hold decision makers and elected officials accountable to a wide electorate, which make a war to be

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