Saturday, May 11, 2019

Compare and Contrast Two Gothic Cathedrals Assignment

Compare and Contrast Two knightly Cathedrals - Assignment ExampleMonumental sculpture was the earliest art situated on the walls of Abbeys and Cathedrals. It was a direction used in expressing power as its characteristics were used to express emotions (Newman, 2001).Gothic architecture has been used in many different places like the guild halls, palaces castles and town halls among others. In this research we are going to bank on the gothic in the middle-age period which is between 1350 to 1520 CE. We will mainly observe compare and assembly line the Chartres gothic cathedral and Amiens cathedral- Western Faade (Rudolph, 2006).They are both used as places of worship by believers (Rudolph, 2006). This means that they act as churches and the advisors among a given group during that period. This promoted religion to move widely as compared to past Era.3. Amiens Cathedral-Western Faades made from France and during that time limestone was very available thereby being used in its const ruction. England at that time had coarse limestone and also red sandstone which was used in its construction (Harvey, 2006).7. They both have center as they mainly target the society. This gives an idea or religious beliefs and also information to the society and community at large. The gothic was also used in representing the universe in the microcosm and also used as a way of preaching to the public.8. Religion is the main subject of the cathedrals. This is because they are used as a sacred place for worship. They were used for biblical teaching taking an example of the Virgin Marys gothic to express the kind of love to their believer.13. Symbolism is used by the drawings on the wall representing the great unwashed from the bible like the prophets of the bible. There is the example of the trinity portal which is in three parts representing deity the father, the son and the Holy Spirit (Harvey, 2006).15. The function of the gothic artwork is to attract people to the churches in rescript to spread

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