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4) Discuss the differences in Religious Jurisprudence between of Essay

4) Discuss the differences in Religious Jurisprudence between of Sunnites and Shiites - Essay ExampleThis has caused sometimes fights among the vast population of Muslims in the Islamic countries. As per the records available, Prophet Muhammad died in the category 632 A.D. His death left over(p) a gap for the political leadership of the Muslim community, with regard to succession of the illusionist. The debate over the plectron of the successor left mainly two choices with the Muslim masses. While one choice was to look a pious person who would follow the percepts of Islam and principals laid out by the visionary, other view point was to find the successor from the bloodline of the prophet itself. The first Caliph named as Abu Bakr, who was a close associate of the prophet was announced after this debate. However, some of the Muslims did not support this decision, although mass was in its favor.Prophet Muhammad had a miss named Fatima whose husband, Ali ibn Abi Talib was very active during the lifetime of the prophet. However, he did not have the required seniority to replace the prophet after his death. In any case, a certain sect of the Muslims opined that this son-in-law of the prophet should succeed him. Even among the pursuit of Ali, some voices supported the name of Abu Bakr as successor. Thereafter, two Caliphs, Umar and Uthman, who were seen as legitimate successive Caliphs by the majority of the Muslims, succeeded Abu Bakr. However, the separatist voices supporting Ali had not died down completely and some of the Alis supporters killed the third Caliph, Uthman in the year 652 A.D.. This resulted in the announcement of Ali as the new Caliph......(1)As the rivalry had already taken roots in spite of appearance the Muslim civilization, Ali was also killed in the year 661 A.D. He had two sons Hassan and Hussein who also died some years later in the battle against Sunnis.This became the cause of the division of the Islamic religion in two sects. The pct supporting Ali as the Caliph was called Shias and the other majority supporting the earlier Caliphs were

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