Saturday, April 27, 2019

What is the purpose of government in the United States Essay

What is the purpose of organisation in the United States - adjudicate ExampleSeeking to explore the purpose of the US government with respect to the employments that it plays in the modern twenty-first century, the following will argue that there are many roles for the government of the United States. These include the progression and continuation of democratic governance, economic development, the provision of social services, promoting justice and securing the nation from outside threat. All of the functions are inherent to the purpose of the United States. We now turn to an exploration of the government of the United States of America and its role as the torchbearer of country (Almond et al, 101-102). .One of the most important functions of the government of the United States is the onward motion of liberal democracy. In a liberal democratic society, top executive rests with the people. Liberal democracy can be characterized by let go of and fair elections, universal suff rage and a plural society in which power is transferred through tranquil governmental means. Accordingly, stability in much of the world is defined as the establishment of both democracy and democratic rules of governance. By giving everyone a voice at the ballot, the argument follows that the political regime which gains power will be perceived as being legitimate and the result will be political stability. Accordingly, the role of the United States government is to ensure that political power is transferred through peaceful means and that political contiguity is maintained through the democratic system. As an entrenched cultural value of the United States, the promotion of liberal democracy is an important task for the government of the United States. The promotion of economic development is another(prenominal) responsibility for the government of the United States. As a society with a capitalist economic system, the government of the United manages the economic system while und erstanding the importance of free

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