Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Role Models and how their leadership traits impact your personal Term Paper

Role Models and how their leadership traits impact your personalized character and behaviors - Term Paper ExampleIn this paper, I intend to discuss how my grandmother became my habit model and how her ethical and transformational leadership qualities inspired me to positively change my behavior, attitude and count oning skills. I had invariably been inspired by how my grandmothers strategic behavior motivated others to step into her shoes. She was German by birth. She had a strong military background and as every one of us knows, militia forever has strong discipline, morals and standards. My grandmother had such strict ethical standards that no one could ever think of doing wrong to another person in front of her. She had a high morale and always told us not to get afraid of hardships and calamities. Her greatest possession was the German heritage whose best qualities she tried to teach in her offspring. She was strong both physically and mentally and thus was a great source o f enduringness for the entire family. She had great leadership qualities. She had a brawny vision which enabled her to solve problems with ethical values. It was the honesty of her knowledgeable self that made her do wise and just decisions. She was able to give voice to her vision in front of opposition. She was brave enough to make people appreciate her ethical directions and values.

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