Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Politics Comment 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Politics Comment 1 - Essay ExampleEven after visiting the likely hiding places around Baghdad, the coalition found no convincing proof that Iraq maintained stocks of chemical and biological weapons, or that Saddam had been trying to build a nuclear bomb (Richie, p. 91). And unsounded American troops remain in Iraq and as a result terror is being felt up by the people, not from a dictatorial regime, but from being unnecessarily caught up in the crossfire between insurgents and American troops. U.S. invasion of Iraq has been an instrument of manipulation with netherlying reasons not related to discoering and disarming weapons of mass destruction. U.S. soldiers has no right to occupy a sovereign nation, outside of international law, and doubly so because it was done under false pretenses (Tremblay, p. 203). Such false pretenses, experts claim, mask the ulterior motive of the U.S. of wanting to maintain control over Iraqi oil fields and to placate political conservatives who want to m ake the Middle East risk-free for Israel (Mueller, p. 137).When the U.S Congress authorized the sending of troops to Iraq, it agreed to do so in order to contain the national security of the US from the threat posed by Iraq (Congressional Resolution 296-133 in the House 77-23 in the Senate, as quoted by Levin, Editorials). With the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq no longer poses a threat to US security. many experts argue that when illegal troops occupy a country, any violent means adapted by the countrys citizens to depose illegal occupants can be classified as guerrilla warfare. guerilla warfare is a war waged by the people to express their protest and outrage against forces that threaten their independency and sovereignty. It is a defensive type of war against a foreign invader (Eland, as quoted by Knickerbocker Specials). And occupy groups emphasize that this type of warfare usually does not stop until the

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