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Honor Thy Children Essay Example for Free

Honor Thy Children EssayOver every last(predicate) the halt Honor Thy Children by Molly Fumia was grand. There were points in this book that just tugged at my heart. For example when the Nakatanis found out that their middle son Greg was conjecture and killed. There were excessively points in this book that I felt if I had been in their position, I would be in a great cumulus of pain and misery and would non recognise how to work by dint of all that had happened. I thought that Al and Jane were brave parents to endure the deaths of their three sons. This book by faraway was the most interesting non-fiction book I assume read. This book would move the heart of any soulfulness that read it.The best thing about this book by far is how the parents have persevered through and throughout all these events that has happened to their family. From the running away of Glen, the murder of their son Greg, the finding out that their sons Glen and Guy were gay and their contraction of HIV, and overly the death of them. They had to have heavy hearts after all of this happened, and yet they still go through all the HIV campaigning to show us how dangerous this disease is. A thing I did not like about this book is that there were very little happy things that happened to this family.I also thought that it was unassailable to keep track of the Nakatanis children because all of their names were so similar. If I were to grade this book, I would give it an A++ because this is a very best book and shows that humans have the will to jab through any obstacle. Even though they have gone through all of that God did not give them a break and show them mercy. Despite their lumbering troubles, they pushed through all the sadness and despondency and turned it around to help other people not make the same mistakes as them.This would unimpeachably be a book I would recommend to people because there are very good life lessons in it. For instance, there is a limit to rigo rous parenting, choosing your words correctly (Greg), and when faced with the finish up of situations there is ever so something you can do about it. It also demonstrates that when a child is is pain and death, parents always want to try and help to do whats best for them, even at the expense of their experience self. I think this book would be for ages 15 and up because there are things that would be hard to understand for someone of a young age.Also I feel that the person reading it should have some respect for gays, lesbians, etc. otherwise reading this book would be pointless. The book and movie were great to say the least. It taught me to accept who you are and that death is not the end. Memories can carry on and teach others how to deal with the loss of your loved ones. This book allowed me to take a glimpse into the Nakatanis life and how they dealt with the loss and the ruefulness that followed. Honor Thy Children taught me that no matter what life throws at you there a re always ways to castigate these challenges.The thing I thought was most interesting was Guy will to go out to direct even while confined to a wheelchair. He had the courage to go out in the accede he was in and speak. The person I identify most with in this story would be Greg. I identify with Greg the most because he was the middle son, a macho, speak his mind kind of person. The person I would identify least with would be Guy. I identify least with him because if I had gotten HIV and knew I was dying I would probably hate the world and seclude myself and not sincerely try to do anything.This book did not really impact my life because even though it was a great book, it did not really apply that much to my life. I think that, because I have not had something similar happen to me, I have no gay or lesbian friends and I also do not know anyone with a serious disease. I think that the only things that would apply to me would be the Asian/Hawaiian culture, the relations with the death of a loved one, and parenting. Their culture is exactly like mine because I am Nipponese and I was born and raised in Hawaii. In our culture we are taught to respect your elders and listen to them.I also felt that the Nakatanis dealt with the death of their sons better than I would have. When my blood brother and grandparents died I had a hard time and at some points I went through a period of depression that lasted a calendar month in which I did not attend. It made me feel that I should have been a better grandchild and brother because I caused them a lot of trouble. The parenting part got to me because I was lucky that my parents, who were somewhat strict, were not as strict as the Nakatanis. This helped me learn to appreciate my parents more.

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