Thursday, April 25, 2019

Information system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Information system - Essay ExampleDuring his visit, he met Nandan Nilekani, then chief executive officer of Infosys, one of Indias major IT companies and afterwards one such meeting with him understood how dry land has expire a level playing field and thus flatter. Alas, I encountered the flattening of the world quite by diagonalI was visiting the Indian high-tech capital, BangaloreAt one point, summing up the implications of all this, Nilekani uttered a phrase that rang in my earTom, the playing field is being leveled. (Friedman 2005). Globalization in hand with technology particularly IT has first flattened the competitive field in IT sector and in other affair sectors, secondly, made geographical boundaries invisible and thirdly, aided many Third World countries to elevate their economic status. So, this subject will critically analyze these IS centric arguments of Friedman using the principles of Information needs of organizations and Socio-technical systemsFriedman divid es globalization into three historic phases and also points out the key force which influenced globalization in each phase, and how the world became smaller after each phase. He terms the first phase as Globalization 1.0 and states that starting from the year 1492 and money box 1800, the world shrunk from a large size to a medium size, with the mindset of people of those times to encounter new places, search for places with resources and imperialistic tendencies, acting as the influencing force. Then, Globalization 2.0 was visible from 1800 to 2000, during which companies due to opening up of markets by various countries and importantly due to advancement of technologies, started globalizing and accessing new countries, thereby reducing the size of the world even further. Finally, Friedman writes about Globalization 3.0, which started around 2000 and is still continuing with more development. He states that in this sit

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