Monday, April 29, 2019

Keeping Up Appearances At All Costs Mr. Nilson and The Japanese Quince Essay

Keeping Up Appearances At All Costs Mr. Nilson and The Japanese Quince - Essay ExampleThe bird and the tree were fully alive, genuinely natural Mr. Nilson merely existed - going through the motions behind the faade of a wealthy businessman. Appearances had to be maintained, even if this resulted in a lonely life and missed opportunities for friendship. The main problem with Mr. Nilson is his inability to break away from what he saw as the rules and strictures of polite Victorian society and make contact with another human being.He was a rich, London businessman, living in wealthy surroundings, a man who took care of his health and appearance. He was a creature of habit, leading an orderly life, which made him feel secure, even as he suffered around physical discomfort. His neighbour, Mr. Tandram seemed his exact replica, as in well kn avow in the City and of about Mr. Nilsons own height, with firm, well-coloured cheeks, neat brown mustaches, and round, well-opened, clear grey eyes, and he was wearing a black frock coat. (Galsworthy) How he looked to others was important for Nilson. The similarities run right through the story, ending in sadness for two lonely throng who could have connected, if only they had not been so conventional, so concerned with how things looked, and with keeping up outside appearances.It was the tree, the ousel and the beauty of the day that combined to touch their separate emotions and bring them together for a short time, to halt themselves.

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