Monday, February 18, 2019

The Arrogance of The Lie by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Essay -- Kurt Vonnegut

The Arrogance of The LieThe Lie, written by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., is a horizontal surface that stands as a mirror to reflect the ugly image of a condescending faction obsess with grades and numbers, not actual learning. Even though it withalk place years ago, the sickening mind frames still exist in some of todays people. They are namely the elite theme or middle to upper class families. In the fib, Doctor Remenzel is obsessed with Eli having a high standard of excellence, Eli getting special treatment because he is part of the higher group, and for those reasons, Eli is ashamed of himself, and terrified of telling his father and set out that he failed the entrance examinations. All of these things are examples of what happens in the arrogant zep culture which exists today. During the beginning of the story, Doctor Remenzel is obsessed with the idea of his son Eli smell good. An example of this would be when Doctor Remenzel meets his friend Tom on the musical mode to the sc hool. Doctor Remenzel pointed to the chaos of the back of Elis head beamed that his news was the same. The news show beamed, and the whole fact that the Doctor had to point out that his son was too going there implies that he is proud and wants to show him off. A stimulant that Doctor Remenzel makes that implies his son is better than others is when referring to another person getting in, he makes the remark of, If hes smart enough. The Doctor is obviously express that Eli is much smarter than some. This relates to the condescending faction because the parents of these... ...d constitute failing in their case) they flavour ashamed because they did not meet the expectations created by their parents or other authorities. In conclusion the whole idea is alarming. How could anyone possibly get so egotistic and self-centered? The Lie is one prime example of how our culture has been dual-lane and distorted. Some put their own well being into others, perhaps because of a missed op portunity, or maybe just because of their state of mind. Image, special privileges, and concern of disappointing are just some of the things that classify both the story and our sub culture. It is a wonder if we will ever stop place so much on numbers and grades, and start focusing on what is really important learning. The sub culture sure needs to.

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