Saturday, February 9, 2019

Porphyrias Lover, My Last Duchess and The Flea all have the theme of Es

Porphyrias L all over, My Last Duchess and The Flea all have the division of grapple in themPorphyrias caramel, My Last Duchess and The Flea all have the shank oflove in them. But they are not all the same theme of love for examplePorphyrias Lover is neurotic and seductive love whereas The Flea is a lot like sexual love. Robert Browning writes some(prenominal) Porphyrias Loverand My Last Duchess and keister Donne writes The Flea. I envisagePorphyrias Lover and My Last Duchess are alike as Robert Browning usessimilar themes of love in them e.g. Obsessive and Possessive. TheFlea is a tout ensemble different metrical composition altogether. It is more of asexual poem quite a than obsessive but it could be argued that it isobsessive as well because the manly is obsessed with having sex withthe lady.Porphyrias Lover is about a man obsessing over Porphyria, who isalready with someone else, Porphyria seduces him and tells him thatshe loves him- She put my arm about her waist, a nd made her debonairwhite shoulder bare and all her yellowness hair displaced. utter howshe loved me. Her lover then realises Porphyria loves him and hedebates what to do, he then thinks of something to do that will makePorphyria his forever, and all her hair in one yellow string I woundthree times her little pharynx around and strangled her. He killedPorphyria and is happy and confident about what he has buste And thuswe sit together now, and all night recollective we have not stirred, and yetGod has not said a word Porphyrias Lover is a Dramatic Monologue inwhich and obsessive lover kills his mistress. Robert Browning usespersonification an pathetic fallacy to set the conceit of the lover, The sullen wind was soon awake, it tore the elm- tops down for spite,and d... be killed because she smiled at former(a)men, Oh sir, she smiled, no doubt, wheneer I passed her, but whopassed without much the same smile? This grew I gave commands thenall smiles stopped together. Thi s poem is like Porphyrias Lover because is contains possessive loveand so does Porphyrias lover. I dont think it is like The Fleabecause it has no seductive love in it at all. I think this could bedown to the fact that Porphyrias Lover and My Last Duchess are bothwritten by Robert Browning and so they will be written in a certain course of writing. The Flea however is written by John Donne and isslightly different to both the other poemsI enjoyed studying these types of love poetry because I prospect it wasinteresting how there are so many types of love. I think I have shownthat all the poems are related to each other in different ways.

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