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Maedchen In Uniform :: essays research papers

MAEDCHEN IN UNIFORMMaedchen in Uniform ( Sagan, 1932, 80) is a film that was specific exclusivelyy design to represent a group of women living in a patriarchal society and the conflicts they encounter by simply being their naturally, nurturing selves. angiotensin converting enzyme major conflict involves the deep family relationship that develops surrounded by a womanly teacher and her female student in an all girl boarding school that is operated like a strict military camp. It is heavily suggested that this relationship is a romantic one, but there be no warm evidence that it is. I believe that Sagan had design the film this way so that the idea of lesbianism would not be so aggressive towards the audience that they go away not be willing to sit through the entire film. Should the teacher have been a man and the student remains a female, I believe that this film would not have had the same effect it did on the viewers as it did the way it was presented. The gender between t he two population should not have made a difference because, in general, it is falsely to have a romantic relationship between a teacher and a student who is still under the teachers guidance. effrontery this conflict alone, I believe that the Sagan wanted to take it to the next direct and show that with the suggestion of lesbianism, these women are like any other women who are also caring and nurturing. I believe she was trying to introduce a new idea of lesbianism where the women are not heavily masculine. First, there is the climb of a strict military like boarding school where the students, all females, are craving the love and affection that they are missing from their family. unmatchable particular student, Manuela von Meinhardis, had bonny youthfulnessly joined the school after the recent death of her mother. She is particularly vulnerable to the love and care that is provided by the scarce caring teacher in the school, Fraulein von Bernburg.Fraulein von Bernburg is a very beautiful young teacher who is constantly at odds with her elders because she does see the need to punish her group of girls. She believes that the students need to be shown compassion and care not just as a teacher but as a friend. It is between these two women that a heavily suggested romantic relationship developed. The reason why I say heavily suggested is because I still believe that Fraulein von Bergen was precisely trying to be sympathetic with the new girl, Manuela, because her mother had just died.

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