Thursday, February 7, 2019

Preserving Minority Languages Essay -- Anthropology Globalization

Language has been used as a meat of communication among society members as time began. Each and every society has its own unique language, which is used to convey a certain nitty-gritty from the sender to the recipient. For a language to be appreciated as a means of communication among society members, it should be clear, simple to use and comprehendible among the users. There atomic number 18 approximately six thousand different languages, which argon used in the whole world. Such languages atomic number 18 unique and clear-cut from each. Yagmur (2009) supports that a language acts as a reflection or analogous a mirror of the society from which it originates. For instance, a language may portray the culture and origin of a certain community.Due to current globalization effects, language integration has constantly been taking place. This has made some languages be adopted as the major communication tools. For example, English and French languages atomic number 18 now being used as the major languages of communication. People who be not conversant with these languages are being termed as society laggards who do not appreciate changes. This has received some support from Jiang (2007) who adds that this language integration has caused some languages to be marginalized. Such languages that are considered to be minor are usually spoken or used by communities, which are nonage and marginalized within the society. Various debates on whether to preserve these marginalized languages have arisen over the prehistorical decades. These minoritys languages accrue various society elements like culture, religion, beliefs, behaviors and practices. These languages are like an archeological site that should be preserved. As a result, marginalized languages should be preserved because they carry wit... ...gr114LaPonce, J. A. 2004. Minority Languages and Globalization. Nationalism & Ethnic Politics, Spring Vol. 10 Issue 1, p15-24.Ushioda, E. 2006. Language Motivation i n a Reconfigured Europe Access, Identity, Autonomy. daybook of Multilingual & Multicultural Development, Vol. 27 Issue 2, p148-161.Yagmur, K. 2009. Language use and ethnolinguistic life of Turkish compared with the Dutch in the Netherlands. Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural Development, Vol. 30 Issue 3, p219-233.

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