Saturday, February 9, 2019

Hamlets Destructive Humor Essay -- GCSE English Literature Coursework

junctures Destructive Humor Humor can be funny and uplifting or misanthropic and destructive. crossroadss humor insults e truly wholeness around him and its very cynical and leads to his downfall. When small town insults people around him, his remarks are not clearly understood by the people who he is insulting. Hamlet makes Polonius look like a fool when he criticizes him with his words, and Polonius doesnt have intercourse that he is being fooled. Hamlet even makes fun of the courtiers particularly Rosencrantz and Guildernstern. Although Hamlet doesnt fracture there, he even insults Claudius and his own mother, Gert gross. Hamlets love, Ophelia, is also an unfortunate victim of these remarks. either these insulting remarks show Hamlets lack of sympathy for other people, and this confusion leads to his downfall. When Hamlet feigns madness, Polonius is the most unfortunate victim of Hamlets insulting and humorous words. When Polonius asks Hamlet, Do you know me my lord? (2.2.173) Hamlet replies by saying, Excellent well. You are a fishmonger. (2.2.174). Hamlet says that, Polonius is sacrificing his daughters happiness to win the trust of the king. Hamlet says to Polonius, For if the sun breed maggots in a dead dog, being a good kissing carrion-Have you a daughter? (2.2.182-183). Hamlet says that it is not surprising that Polonius is such a hypocrite, because the tone giving sun can produce all kinds of horrible things, particularly from other horrible things. Polonius asks Hamlet, Will you walk out(p) of the air, my lord?(2.2.204), and Hamlets says, Into my sober (2.2.204). When Polonius offers Hamlet to go to a warmer room, Hamlet says hed rather lapse than go anywhere with Polonius. All these insulting remarks show that Polon... ... Hamlets humor is rude and insulting to people around him its very cynical and leads to his downfall. Hamlet proves his cynical humor when he fools Polonius, makes fun of the courtiers and insults Claudius, Gertr ude and Ophelia. Hamlet insults Polonius with his words and always finds out what the courtiers were up to. All these experiences show that humor can be successful but on the other hand it could prove to be very fatal. Works Cited and Consulted Bloom, Harold. Modern Critical Interpretations Of Hamlet. New York, NY Chelsea House Publishers, 1986. Brodwin, Leonora. Hamlet reference work Analysis. Monarch Notes. Brodwins Notes Scott-Hopkins, Benjamin. Dark Humor of Hamlet Shakespeare-Online Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. The Unabridged William Shakespeare. William George Clark and William Aldis Wright, ed. Running Press. 1989.

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