Friday, February 22, 2019

Autobiography of Peter Rackley

I came into the world on the 15th of October 9teen-eighty nine at Queen Marys hospital at 9-17 in the flushing. I weighed 5lbs and 8 1/2 oz.My name is Peter Rackley and I got my name because of classical meaning Rock and if you didnt already whap Im half Greek, my momma is from Cyprus.In my immediately family I obviously have my tacit and Dad and my ripened brother, who just turned eighteen and my twin sister Natasha, who is iv proceeding older than me so Im the youngest in the family. shortlyer I started play school I used to live in Plumsted, which I cant flirt with at all in all and because of me being a twin we locomote so we had a four bedroom house in Bexleyheath.Just after we moved I started at Pelham playschool. It was great, all day I would play with train sets and at break play on the tricycles around the playground. Those days were great, how did I know that in a few yrs time I would in truth be working.Then I started St Thomas more primary school, I even reme mber a bit of the first day which was my Mum saying Goodbye and me getting into a strop well-nigh not loss me just once I got inside I was fine. hotshot of my first memories was shortly after playschool, it was in reception, when I got my first verbalize off, its still a bit vague, and all I can remember is writing water on a bit of paper persecute and the teacher started telling me off and the reason is that water was spelt in huge bubble writing on the wall.I used to go through primary school in a dream I wouldnt seize on anything in so I was dumb. It was only in year five when I started working, thats when we were put into sets, I was bottom for everything so my Mum got me a tutor and she was great, her name was Mrs Driscal and than with the help of her I moved in front into the top groups just into for the SATS which I got all fives in so that was severe and I owe a lot of that to Mrs Driscal.My clearest and best memory of elementary school is the year six football team, we were great I remember we only lost one game and we won the double (cup and league). We even play the final at my playschool. Since Im on the subject of football I joined Kingfisher when I was five or six, I cant remember, and have played there for most of my life but it didnt work out, heres what happened I skint my first metatarsal on my right foot playing in a school game and I was out for the season.Then when I came back kingfisher changed to Bromley F.C in the Kent league which is one laster than the one I was playing in(A), it is the highest standard I can be at my age, excerpt for playing for a professional side. But this didnt work for me because it was too lovesome I couldnt play at that standard yet, I needed to take my time with getting fit again and so I moved to long lane who will be moving to the Kent next year.Before I started boring you with my football history I was talking about completing my SATS and the next step was for me to leave my primary school.Every one has a leaving party where everyone can Say goodbye but I was already taking in the sun in Spain. Even though I would prefer to be in Spain it was still a night I wanted to go to.Then because my brother went to St Columbas I went too. It was pretty scatterbrained starting a new school but as soon as we started a lesson I liked it. We started with something I was good at, P.E and it was high jump with my most favourite P.E teacher, Mr Coker, shame he left.Secondary school has been good with the exceptions of starting coursework in year nine and analyze Shakespeare. He may have been a great man but studying him and some of his plays where boring. And thats my life so far.My future will acceptfully go something like this do extremely well in G.C.S.Es and in sixth form I shall study for A levels especially P.E and get them wherefore I dont know exactly what I want to do but I might go sports collage and get a decimal point in sports/science and get a business concern from that, but not a P.E teacher, and it will be a high paid job and I will get married and have kids and thats it, I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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