Sunday, September 8, 2019

Smart Card LLC Marketing Plan Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Smart Card LLC Marketing Plan - Coursework Example Today, the smart card users’ indices reveal the fact that at least one smart card per person is manufactured and inducted for the purpose of electronic transfer of the data related to banking and other areas of personalized information transmission. The companies dealing in smart card manufacture in the US are now focusing on the wide range development of the scope of smart cards in almost all walks of life unlike the exclusive use for banking transactions earlier. The scope of using a smart card is now identified as of a broad spectrum irrespective of the nature of the data processing. Various companies have emerged as the global providers of smart cards on the wake of its unlimited possibilities of exploring areas of health care, defense systems, transportation, cyber technologies, asset tracking and critical investigations. The most important feature of a smart card is the personalized digital signature used in it which guarantees an optimum safe documentation through ident ical subscriber modules. As an answer to many a reader’s anxiety as to whether the researchers have contributed sufficient attention to the focus area of smart card in business solutions, it is important to know that the Smartcard LLC has been rendering services to the field of smart card based information processing for over the past twenty years. Smartcard LLC’s Smartcard Marketing Solutions ensures the guaranteed leverage of existing cardholder and customer base, and s a result, the issuance and the use of smartcards is exploding globally. It is this time the company should emerge as a global leader by taking the head role of the deal and set up various centers of market research. Smartcard LLC has now started its operations based on market research on aiding the intellectual demands of all sorts of business right from inception formulation to operation software of the organization. The company’s existing methodology for initiating promotional programs of sma rtcard sales is time consuming and expensive with little reward in the form of market share; as such, it evolves multiple ideas to meet the challenges posed by the rapidly growing demand for smart cards across the globe. The researchers are exploring the possibilities of making a business from schools, colleges, hospitals, paid service stations and areas of frequent customer interaction while acknowledging its superior benefits of storage of more personal data base when compared to the magnetic straps of the bank cards and identity cards traditionally used in business operations. Smartcard LLC is now focusing on the opportunities of smartcard industry in the concept of consumer retention schemes like frequency programs introduced by giant business corporations like banking, hospitals and insurance firms by maintaining a retained relationship with them through interim alerts on new products and services in the market. The recent studies on marketing strategies reveal that there has b een a substantial reduction in the market share of advertisements on televised programs as well as the print media owing to the emergence of smart card based advertisement. This program is highly effective in saving money and time spent on promoting the products of companies and in most cases, it can easily cross the tussle of customer’

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