Saturday, September 21, 2019

More and More on Technology Essay Example for Free

More and More on Technology Essay They are the ‘machines’ which just receive their leaders’ requirements and relying on machines to complete without thinking. Becoming shortsighted and lose their belief, human act just for only financial purpose, regarding the progress and the negative effects. There have been many crises appearing one by one at the aspect of environmental pollution, religious conflicts and the injustice in the social wealth. For example, the Rhine has lost the beauty described by Friedrich HÃ ¶lderlin, a major German lyric poet, and been forced to be cut off and be a hydropower station to produce electricity as a slave to sever for human. Nature has changed its role, losing its previous holy, and become a serious of progress of being exploded, transformation, storage and distribution. There is not anybody like the Indians in New Mexico, refusing to use steel plough to tillage. Why? Is it just a rejection of using the plough? It’s absolutely not. At the aspect of Indians, land is their mother and they should respect and protect her as a part of their bodies and using the steel plough to cultivate the land equals to doing harm to their mother. Itis not a foolish behavior. In contrast,it completely shows they still have the loyalty and the pure soul comparing with those numb people lost in the frigid material world. What’s more, human are just rescued by technology but lose in their own dilemma created by themselves. For women, suffering from the twisted complex ethics and aesthetics, they are on the heavier social pressure of every behavior given by the followed medium. Even the weight, the figure and the action of the every part of their body are strictly required and involved in their ethics. They have to limit their desire to make the body slim and the culture of blind diet and losing weight, causing women live in a nervous station and get psychological disease. To sum up, technology, different from machine, is a dynamic progress where human use machine system to communicate with the nature to balance the relative relationships. It is a positive product of human exploring the objective world but human cannot rely on to seriously. Though most of people are the user of new technology and not the finder, our thought should not be limited by technology. We should consider how to use the technology to make the world harmonious and serve human more effectively.

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