Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Human Resource Management for Service Industries Essay

Human Resource Management for Service Industries - Essay Example Organisations that have efficient HRM enable their workers to contribute productively and effectively to the overall enterprise direction and the achievement of the business goals and objectives. This essay is going to explain HRM by analyzing its role and purpose in the service industry and justify a human resource plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for the restaurant service business. The essay will explain the effect of employee relations and employment law on service industries businesses by assessing the current state of employment relations in the restaurant service industry and discuss how employment law affects the management of human resources in a hospitality organization. The essay will finally discuss the recruitment and selection process by explaining job description and person specification through examples from a hospitality organization and then compare the selection methods and practices, barriers to effective selection and selection processes in different service industries. Wilkinson and Kannan (2013) defined HRM as a process of employing and developing workers so that they can become more helpful to the business and hence achieving the business targets more efficiently. The HRM conducts the job analysis, plans the personnel needs, recruits the individuals for various jobs, orients, and trains, manages wages and salaries, provides incentives and benefits, resolves disputes, evaluates performances, and communicates with the employees at all the levels. Individuals employed as human resource managers need to have extensive knowledge and skills of the industry they are working, portray excellent leadership capabilities and efficient negotiation skills. Kusluvan (2003) noted that restaurants are fast growing businesses that require the guidance of the HR to supervise activities such as performance management, recruitment, and staying in compliance with food-handling regulations and

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