Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Giving tips about how to play soccer well Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Giving tips about how to play soccer well - Essay Example The Korean government has always invested a lot into the soccer industry because it is a good way to unite the nation. As far as playing soccer is concerned, it apparently seems to be very easy to play. I, however, guarantee you that when you go to the field to play soccer, it is not going to be that simple as you imagine. Therefore, I have decided to share some tips with you so as to train you to better play soccer. First of all, let me introduce the sport. Soccer is played between two 11-player teams. The players try to get points by kicking the ball, passing, shooting, heading, all by using their body except hands. To play soccer, the basic elements needed include a spherical ball, teammates, opponents, ground marked with boundaries and goals opposite each other. The teams must know all soccer rules. Readers! Do not worry, here come the tips. The first thing to remember is that there should be always appropriate form of clothing to play soccer. Have you ever gone to a dance party with your night suit on? Or, have you ever seen the bride wearing a lousy T-shirt and a pajama? Most probably, you have not (or have you?) Similarly, to play soccer, you must have proper clothes and safety gear. You need to have the clothes that the wind can easily go through because you will sweat like a pig when you are on the field. You need soccer shoes not only to prevent you from slipping on a grass field, but also to help you kick the ball more powerfully and accurately. This gear will assist you to improve your athletic ability. Glasses are not the recommended gear because you can get hurt if the ball hits your face. It can give you a serious wound, like the one I received last weekend. Oh! It still hurts. I wish I had never thought of the idea of having those glasses on! It can happen to anybod y so you should be aware of this beforehand. Remember that you play sports to have fun and not to get hurt. Now, you

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