Saturday, September 28, 2019

Leadership - stratigic communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Leadership - stratigic communication - Essay Example These researches have also found that the absence of the negative qualities of arrogance, hostility, boastfulness, egotism, and passivity are correlated with positive leadership (Romney, 1996). A leader must stand firm even in the presence of criticisms, but still having the courage to admit his mistakes. Leaders are good listeners. An effective leader listens emphatically and welcomes ideas and inputs from the team. This promotes harmony within the team. Leaders are good decision makers. An effective leader, who is focused, authentic, courageous and emphatic, must also have the proper timing in making and executing decisions. A great leader uses time as his ally. Leaders prioritize and move with appropriate speed. Time management is the important parts of good leadership. It is also important to set an example to the team through proper time management. Building a strong leadership is all about building a performing team. Leadership needs to earn the trust of its team and the leaders have confidence in their team. A leader is always pleasant and friendly to all his team members. Above all a good leader is always generous in praising and recognizing each individual who is a performer and appreciate all contributions, big and small. A leader must project fearlessness in facing challenges (Smith, 2005). Leadership is all about communicating to people their worth and potential. It is the influence on others to help them discover their own voice, to find their own purpose, to make their unique contribution, and to release their potential, that truly defines leadership (Khan, 2005). Leadership is influence. Leadership is important because it influences the destiny of people. Leadership also determines, to a large extent, what a group of people will be able to achieve. Leadership moves people towards common goals, principles and values. G ood leadership enables people to work together well, and realize their potential. Good leadership results in strong

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