Sunday, September 22, 2019

Individual Improvement Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Individual Improvement Plan - Essay Example First, my intellectual skills, especially personal emphasis on mental activity worked well in this project because it required effective problem-solving skills. The complexity of the project required the team to seek alternative solutions to problems. This task matched my skills. I would apply personal reflection and introspection to gain motivation to complete the task. Further, I feel that my commanding style applied in presenting the scenarios as well as moving the team forward in moments when we would have stalled. Once we established the project goals, I developed a clear map of what I wanted achieved. Negotiations with the other team members allowed us to create synergies and complete the project in time. May contributions were to the team were exceptional because I am a competitive individual, and thus I wanted to be the best. However, this was apparent. All the individual tasks that I performed in this project related well with my inquisitive nature. A personal reflection about the activity shows that I can achieve better results by focusing more on my strengths as a programmatic learner. Therefore, I should seek opportunities for hands-on training. I would require demonstration from an acknowledged expert. Overall, this means that my personal learning style can help support growth and development activities during the proposed hands-on training activity. This is especially important because it links well with my pragmatics

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