Monday, October 7, 2019

Organisational behaviour Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Organisational behaviour - Case Study Example The employees became aware that the company paid low salary, overworked employees, and fired them without valid reason. This paper will present a case analysis of the situation facing the Nordstrom Company. Evidently, there is a critical problem in the Nordstrom Company. Over the years, the Nordstrom Company has exhibited a poor organizational culture. More specifically, the company does not have rewarding compensation schemes for the employees who have ensured that the company is successful. According to the case study, the employees face the compulsion of putting more hours without any overtime. In other cases, employees work for many days without having an opportunity to rest. The pay they receive does not match with the number of hours they put in as well as the increasing demands of their jobs. Many of the employees feel that their job is continually in jeopardy. They are constantly in fear of being laid off (Aquinas, 2006). For example, Ms. Lucas highlights that working at Nordstrom Company translated into working for free. The increasing demands of the ability to produce thank-you letters and other customer service books took so much time, but the pay was minimal. As a result, s he developed ulcers because of the continued stress from her job. Her case is not unique because many other employees described in the case study have highlighted that the company did not reward them as expected. Therefore, the poor organizational culture has contributed to limited levels of employee satisfaction and increased employee turnover (Fox, 2006). Although the company is highly committed to delivering exemplary customer service, it does not promote employee satisfaction and loyalty because many workers operate under stress. The accusations filed against the company indicate that it has poor labor practices. One of the potential solutions for the company is to hire a consultant who can investigate

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