Monday, October 21, 2019

Gibson essays

Gibson essays In Gibsons Burning Chrome two worlds exist. There is the real world that we carry out our everyday business. We live in this world. We eat, sleep and breathe in this world. Then there is the cyber world. This is where we play and this is where we run our modern day functions such as banking and business. A person can be ruined just as easily as in the real world. Things might not be fatal, but in this modern world worse things than death can happen. Gibson is viewed as a father of cyberpunk. He is the one who is credited with coming up with the word, cyberspace. [Dorsey] "I don't have an e-mail address. I don't go online with America... ...because I don't want America to be online with me." Gibson. [Dorsey] If a man feels so repulsed by the internet, how can he be one of the founding fathers of it? Regardless how he feels about the internet and cyber culture William Gibson is still interested in it. The world that Gibson and created and the world we live in now is getting closer and closer with every day. We are becoming a technological society. We now live in a cyberpunk world. In this world we have created a reality much like the reality in which the characters in Burning Chrome also reside. In this reality, many of the same things occur, business, banking. It is also a social world; some choose to come here to escape the modern life. We have created games that have become doorways to these new realities. With these games we create new worlds to explore. In some cases we even create new identities to live by. The online gaming movement began slowly at the start. It began with MUDs or Multi User Dungeons. Through these was the first step into creating a new world. Players would take control of a character. To some it was just a game and a pastime. To others it became a hobby. Some assumed roles like their persona in the real world. Others assumed roles of ...

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