Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ethical Issue corrupt FTO Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethical Issue corrupt FTO - Assignment Example This is whereby the police officers regularly avoid job responsibilities and commit administrative violations. The action of drinking alcohol by the field training officer is significant in relation to his personal accountability and professional accountability. The second ethical violation act committed by the field training officer entails the writing of a favorable evaluation. It is quite obvious that the evaluation is unfavorable and corrupt given that the rookie police officer had received a reprimand for an improper disposition of a traffic accident. In this regard, there are two ethical issues of classification pertaining to this act. Foremost, entails entitlement versus accountability. This comes about when an officer develops a great sense of victimization and increased resentment on administrators and supervisors that are in control over their jobs (Pollock, 96). In this regard, the officer develops a sense of entitlement or a mindset that officer should ‘stick together’ and accord themselves special treatment. The sense of entitlement bestows the belief that officers can operate within their own rules and can bend the law to suite them. Evidently, the field training officer habours a resentment against higher authorities by providing an evaluation that is favorable to the rookie officer despite the earlier reprimand of an improper disposition of a traffic accident. Moreover, the field training officer believes that victimization has been accorded to the rookie police officer through the reprimand given for the improper disposition. This false sense of entitlement and accountability triggers the unethical action by the field training officer in favor of the rookie police officer. The other ethical issue under scrutiny here is in regard to loyalty versus integrity. This is evident by the field officer action in giving a false and favorable evaluation for the rookie police officer. Evidently, the field

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