Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Ethics Final Project

ETHICS FINAL PROJECT 1. Proposed Action Plan: Describe the action plan you proposed at the beginning of the semester. At the beginning of the semester we first had the idea of taking a computer to the asylum to help those people in there to have more technology; we also wanted to take brooms and mops to help them to have cleaned the house. The entire classroom talked about this and each team decided to do something for those needed people. 2. Done activities: Explain very carefully the different activities you did during this semester, including dates, names of the responsible people in the team, and results.We went to the computer department to see if they had a computer with no use and if they can give it to use, they decided to tell us when they got one with no use. That’s how they did it, after a time they told us, but it was a long time when they advised us so we had another project which was to make stairs for rehabilitation to the people in the asylum, so we united with other team and gave them money to make this project real. 3. Comparative of the results: Write down if the results of your project were the ones you expected.If not, how are they different? Why? We wanted to give them the computer so we didn’t expect that we would unite our team with another one to make the stairs project, so we think it is not what we expected to be our project but we think that the idea to unite teams was a good one because the stairs were really expensive. 4. Personal Learning: Explain if the members of the team had some learning experience with this project. Yes all of the team members had a great experience, because of helping people ho needed and that’s the main reason why because it feels great doing that, and knowing that other people can get better just for a little help of yours. 5. Team Work: Describe how your team work was, including positive and negative aspects. Our team work was good because we went to the asylum and check what they nee ded and because the team all united went to the computers department and all of the team members had a great experience with this project and not only because we did it well, it’s because we helped other people. 6.Conclusion: Finally write down a conclusion about the social work you had this semester. We think this semester help us a lot because of many things, we helped needed people and that’s feels great, we learned ethics about many things of the human life animal life and many things more. This was a great semester and all the team members are really happy to be here in this class, thanks Elideth for doing this to us. Team Members: Erick Villasenor Oscar Torres Paola Delgadillo Joel Azuara Victor Galvan Sofia Ascanio Daniela Diaz Juan Pablo Fernandez Vertiz

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