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Knapps Stage Model Essay Essays

Knapps Stage Model Essay Essays Knapps Stage Model Essay Paper Knapps Stage Model Essay Paper Dear John. the drama-filled love affair film. John Tyree. a immature soldier. meets Savannah Curtis. a college pupil on spring interruption. and they rapidly fall in love. The film directed by Lasse Hallstrom. adapted from Nicolas Sparks’ novel of the same name. Dear John showcased many facets of communications in its most simple signifiers. Including the 10 phases of the Knapp Stage Model. which could really be witnessed throughout the Dear John the film and the book. as the two chief characters. John and Savannah. developed their relationship and as they tried to keep their relationship. In the Knapp’s Stage Model. Mark Knapp describes the patterned advance and development of relationships as a series of 10 phases in two stages: the ‘coming together’ . induction is followed by the experimenting. intensifying. integration and bonding phases. In the ‘coming apart’ . the differentiating. circumscribing. stagnating. avoiding and ending phase occu rs. These phases are illustrated in the movie Dear John. In the opening scene of Dear John. it was John’s and Savannah’s first clip meeting. it was attractive force at first sight. During the dark scene at the beach. they conversed. I would still believe it’s the initiating phase because the content of their conversation. They didn’t ask inquiries with the purpose of cognizing more of each other apart from that one inquiry. ‘’When are you traveling back? † which was instead insouciant. That will sum up the initiating phase. In the ulterior scene. John asked for a day of the month and Savannah agreed. That means they have both passed each other’s trial so there is an experimenting phase. By the manner. John really stayed at the Barbeque till the dark when he mentioned that his pa cooked dinner. Why else would one blow off his pa if it isn’t because he likes the miss? Therefore. that supports my base that they were already attracted to each other at the beach. At the dinner scene. they were started speaking about something more personal. They were doing little talk. The subject of household and John’s yesterye ar came in. These subjects normally wouldn’t be brought up at the initiating phase because they’re excessively personal. I would besides wish to associate to another construct with this scene which is relational demands of openness. If you notice. John wasn’t excessively comfy with the talk to the point he asked â€Å"why do you desire to cognize so much? † He would fall under the sort that closed away to other people. His replies were all one-liners. heterosexual to the point with no farther accounts. In the following scene. when they were walking towards the wooden house. that was another illustration of acquiring to cognize each other through speaking. This ends off the experimenting phase. They have a battle. but reconcile before John’s leave from the ground forces is over. When toilet returns to the ground forces. he and Savannah begin long distance relationship through handwritten letters. The first missive was really clear that Savannah loves John. Previously. John really gave Savannah a note in which the content wasn’t disclosed to the audience till the very terminal of the film. The note said â€Å"I love you† which was why Savannah wrote him. that missive was a answer . Those were revelations of feelings to each other. In that scene. John said â€Å"I made you a promise. didn’t I? † and subsequently. they both agreed to compose to each other all the clip. She was supposed to wait for him for a twelvemonth while he was off in Germany. That was a sense of committedness to the relationship. This will sum up the intensifying phase. The 4th phase is incorporating. This point is instead straightforward. It’s the turning point whereby the twosome announces to their friends and household that they are a twosome. In this instance. you could see John being introduced to Savannah’s parents. Couples do non ever follow purely to the theoretical account. Stairss could be jumped or revisited once more. Sadly. there was no 5th phase ( Bonding – matrimony. battle ) for this brace in the film. Conflicts arise because of different perceptual experiences ; it is besides illustrated in this film. There was a active scene at the terrace and it was because John wanted to widen his circuit with the ground forces but Savannah did non desire to wait for another two old ages. So after a long clip apart. John and Savannah find themselves floating apart and resigned to being apart from John. and Savannah sends a ‘D ear John’ missive stating him that she has become engaged to person else. John eventually got a missive from Savannah which she initiated a interruption up. Break ups are due to many possible factors. in their instance. alterations. hapless communicating and unrealistic outlooks. Changes referred to the immense alterations they went through from the two hebdomads of summer interruption together to being 1000 stat mis apart. Next. hapless communicating. I think this might be the least conducive factor. Even though. letters took hebdomads or months to make each other. their letters were filled with words. They told each other everything about their lives so it wasn’t a instance of floating apart. Last. it is the factor I think contributed the most likely which is an unrealistic outlook. Long distance relationships are difficult plenty and a individual can merely take it for so long. The first twelvemonth was all right but when John added two more old ages onto the heap. it was excessively difficult for Savannah to take. Although John’s and Sava nnah’s falling out they finally came together as friends. particularly when John’s male parent is on his decease bed. John returns place and connects with his male parent. something he was non able to make before. John so sells his father’s coin aggregation to fund Savannah’s husband’s malignant neoplastic disease intervention. In the last scene of the movie. John sees Savannah on the street and they embrace. The film may non showcase every bit much inside informations ; nevertheless it does demo the importance of communicating in a relationship. For illustration. Savannah chooses to compose a missive to John to interrupt the intelligence of her battle. alternatively of naming him. it shows that it is already a mark Doctor of Optometry avoiding the issue straight. A handwritten missive is a additive signifier of communicating. as John is non given a opportunity to answer instantly. If you were in John’s place. and you received a similar missive about your partner’s battle. would you travel back place to contend for what you want. or would you be ‘John’ . and merely bury yourself with work? Hopefully. now you have a better apprehension of the Knap p’s theoretical account and see how it fits into every relationship!

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