Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Types of Journalism, Mass Media and Communication in History Essay

Types of Journalism, Mass Media and Communication in History - Essay Example The Vietnam War was adequately pictured and recorded by photojournalists and this prompted the international community to react promptly and put an end to these merciless killings (Vaughan and Thomas 405). In such instances, most of these repressive regimes leadership becomes hostile to such individuals and in some cases subject them to torture and psychological traumas (Deephouse and David 1096). The primary aim of Journalism, for instance during war periods is to ensure that all acts of injustices are pictured to attract actions from the government and the international community. The media fraternity as a whole has undergone numerous changes and challenges in equal measure (Deephouse and David 1099). In a tense political setting, for instance, the involvement of the media in ensuring proper checks and balances of the repressive regime to ensure that all acts against humanity are articulately recorded and appropriate actions against perpetrators reported. However, a photojournalist, like any other professionals must operate within some set rules and standards as dictated by the society (Deephouse and David 1113). Their actions should be such that any reasonable man in their situation will define as â€Å"normal† and as pro-human dignity. A photojournalist, for instance, is expected to record and report honest accounts of events as they happened without any form of manipulation. They should not give in to any form of intimidation be it physical or psychological in a bid by fraudulent to manipulate the true accounts of the recorded events. Integrity and honesty are crucial qualities a photojournalist must be in a possession of.  

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