Friday, November 1, 2019

Anger Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Anger Management - Essay Example There are several factors that influence effects of anger to a person; these include race, sex, cultural and family background, and age. Anger is a two-sided emotion that may be beneficial to an individual (constructive anger) by warning of expected problems, at the same time bring harm (Peacock, Stutman and London, 2000). ADA Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights legislation policy that contains stipulated actions concerning the accommodation of individuals possessing any kind of disability in terms of access to judicial system, services, programs, and activities. In this scenario, John can use the ADA to assist him in the circumstances facing his employment. Both anger and emotional swings affecting John are due to the bipolar disorder, which is a mental disability. Such forms of disability are described within the ADA policy to hold ground in any given situation at the workplace, as it appears under the request for accommodation in court proceedings section of the ADA, and this section describes qualified individuals with disabilities. With the evidence from the psychiatrist concerning John’s condition, and the subsequent treatment, there is enough prove that truly John has a mental disability or disorder, which results in mood swing causing negative anger that provokes him to threaten others with violence.

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