Wednesday, November 27, 2019

rennasance overview essays

rennasance overview essays Renaissance was more than just a time period, it was a state of mind. No longer did the world think in turns of conquering, power, and the catholic church. It was a time of change politically, socially, economically, and culturally. The arts were explored, and the minds of many were expanded. The boundaries of mankind have been stretched and it was for the good. The ways of Middle Ages were replaced. The medieval scholars debated the nature of life after death. Renaissance thinkers wanted to know about now. The Renaissance began in Italy in the mid 1300s. There are many reasons for this. Italy was the center of ancient Rome which at this time was thought to be great and there was a reawakened interest in it. Old artifacts were still plentiful and reminders of the ancient culture. The northern city-states were centers of trade and at this time becoming very wealthy. The now wealthy and powerful merchant class also helped the world, starting with Italy, to explore the arts by giving large amounts of money. In the 1400s, the Medici family in Florence started a banking business. Then in 1434 Cosimo de Medici gained control of the Florence government. Cosimos grandson, Lorenzo, was a politician also. He was a big financial supporter of the arts. Poets and Philosophers visited his palace often as did many artists like Michelangelo who painted ancient Roman sculptures in his garden. The most famous artists of the time were the NINGA TURTLES! Not really but they had the same names like the famous Leonardo, who even dissected people to get a better perspective on how to draw. He was not only an artist, but also he made sketches for planes and submarines! I bet no one at this time even thought that flying was possible. Some say this man was inspired by the devil. I think he is a genious. This mans name is Niccolo Machiavelli, who wrote the book, The Prince. This book was a guide to rul ...

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