Friday, July 26, 2019

Issues of Reliability and Validity of Data Assignment

Issues of Reliability and Validity of Data - Assignment Example One can take both types of data, primary as well as secondary, for the consumers’ demand in these countries. Both the types of data are necessary for finding out the consumer demand in a country. Primary data will provide the information which has not been collected before as it is collected as per the need of the research. Usually the process is expensive and time consuming. The secondary data provides information which has been collected by certain other orgaisations or professionals. So, it minimizes the cost as well as time. It uses the mediums like surveys, focus group, observations and experiments. To understand the consumer behavior through the analysis of secondary data, tools like purchase panels, database marketing, and neuroscience needs to be used. Qualitative as well as quantitative data are very important for analysis and ensuring the validity and reliability of the consumer behavior data. Quantitative data are more reliable and valid than the qualitative data. T he method for establishing the validity and reliability of qualitative data takes the form of expert interview, participant feedback, regression analysis, and statistical analysis. The contents, structure, criterion and consequential effect provide the required validity. The countries from where data on consumer behavior needs to be collected, in order to meet the requirements of the paper, are USA, UK, Australia, India and Poland. Each of the nations has different markets with different consumption and demand pattern.

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