Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Clean Edge Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Clean Edge - Case Study Example The company is also experiencing growth in sales of other products implying that customers have confidence in the company’s products. The weaknesses off the company include inability to reach a consensus in relation to branding and marketing. Managers are specifically interested in the success of their brand rather than for the good of the company. Threats include substitutes and new entrants. The major competitors in the industry are also producing non-disposable razor products and thus the company must brace itself for stiff competition. Also, entrant of new firms will increase the amount of substitutes in the market. The behavior of the customers in regard to this product is clear. The consumers are gradually changing from replacement razors to the non-disposable razor products. The customers are expecting newer and advanced technologies that will give them a smoother shave. In this regard, consumers are increasingly choosing the super-premium category. Launching Clean Edge as a Niche product means that the product will focus on a few highly groomed persons who want a different shaving capability. It is the most preferred strategy among the company managers. Launching Clean Edge as a mainstream brand means that the product offers the regular shaving experience. The managers think that the strategy would cannibalize the market of other company products such as Pro. To avoid cannibalization of other company products, I recommend Clean Edge to be launched as a niche product. Launching it as a niche product will also enhance the product’s position as a super-premium product. I would recommend the name Paramount Clean Edge. The name would enhance the company’s name and enhance in brand positioning. Launching the product under the name Paramount would reap from the reputation of the company’s products. The name will also boost the visibility of the

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