Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Big data technology optimizes and stores the user generated data in Essay

Big data technology optimizes and stores the user generated data in exabytes using the distributed backup mechanism which significantly increases the performance and storage space in the software industry - Essay Example In recognition of the magnitude of the problems involved in the management of big data, many companies are investing considerable amounts of money in researching better methods of big data management. These companies seek reliable ways of organizing, storing and managing their machine, user and application data, which is rapidly growing in size to exabytes and petabytes. The volumes of big data are considerably large, such that many organizations find it difficult to process, store and access the data they need using the traditional databases and systems of storage (BVT, n.d.). Further complexity comes about in the now common scenario, where companies dispatch teams to different places around the world, yet the nature of their work requires them to collaborate on the same data since they are involved in the same project. This highlights the need for data solutions that allow these companies to change, add, check in content and modify them without creating problems for other employees within the organization (Kumar, 2012). Conventional systems of storage typically require revision of the systems or tech refreshes every three years (sometimes four) so that the company can keep up with new requirements and growth. This, in many instances, requires expensive and disruptive data migrations, replacement of void storage capacity and regular upgrades of software licenses (Leavitt, 2013). This paper looks into how companies use big data technology to store data generated by users in exabytes by making use of the distributed backup method. The distributed backup method of storage provides companies with the opportunity to store more data in a scalable way across storage node networks. It is imperative to note that the main purpose of backing up data is so that an organization can have at least a copy of what may the company may consider as important. In the event that there is a failure in the storage systems within an organization,

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