Thursday, June 13, 2019

Psychology (mental illnesses) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Psychology (mental illnesses) - Essay ExampleIn the process of analyzing the obscure emotions of the patient, the therapist can link them to the actual relationships that they cause, for example ones animosity to food or alcohol.The other technique is introduced by Carl Rogers. He is the founding father of the Person-centered approach, the most widely used technique in modern clinical psychology. This concept explores the healing of the psyche through empathy, active listening, and mirroring of the patient. This therapeutic intervention is focused on the immediate conscious experience rather than attempting to solve the unconscious. The transformative feign of Rogers therapy is that there is an unconditional positive attitude to the client not as a scientist to an object, but as a person to a person (Rogers 22). The surmisal of person-centered therapy suggests that the resources for someone to heal himself lie inside them.In todays global world where our daily activities mix with t he technologies, telephone or internet therapy is something acceptable and understandable. The mental health programs where the treatment is conducted via internet or phone provide instant support and availability to patients in emergencies. However, the quick access advantage adds to other disadvantages.

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