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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - Research Paper ExampleAs time passed, the causes and mechanisms of human unsoundness started to become understood. It is unbent that many new unhealthinesss have emerged which may have been nonexistent in previous times. This may be due to the formation of different reservoirs for the facing pages of disease associated with modernization which has brought the world together and hence has paved ways for the spread of disease from one region to another. The rearing of animals has also been considered to be associated strongly with the spread of diseases. Cows and chickens have been linked with outbreak of diseases which include smallpox and measles in the fifteenth and sixteenth century (Sheldon 2003). Thus, with advancement in technology, the patterns of human disease have been understood. It is believed that changing patterns of human living have led to increase in the number of diseases. Major epidemics of diseases broke out in the world that could not be treated owing to lack of development in the field of medicine. This included the millions of fatalities that resulted due to plague in the first half of the twentieth century. Mutations in genes are also associated with many medical conditions and pathologies. The research in the field of genetics has assisted in assessing these conditions (Robbins et al 2005, Levinson 2008). The human bole functions on the primer coat of many organ systems. The integration of these systems is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. The immune system forms an important system of the human body which assists the individual to shinny against invading organisms and to overcome the process of disease. The immune system functions either via the direct action of the white blood cells against the invading organisms or by the formation of antibodies against the pathogens that overflow the human body. The skin is the outermost barrier and stops the pathogens from entering the body and it is hence referred to as the first line of defense. The human body functions via two forms of right which include the innate immunity and the acquired immunity. The innate immunity is the immunity that every individual possesses which include the skin and the white blood cells. This form of immunity is not specific against particular pathogens and is the trigger of the body against any foreign substance. The acquired immunity is the specific immunity which results particularly after the human being comes in penetrate with infective organisms. The acquired immunity is enhanced via the vaccines (Guyton et al 2000 Levinson 2008). The lymphatic system of the human body is the system which is directed towards the immunity. It includes the spleen, thymus as well as the bone up marrow. The lymphatic system is directed towards the formation of the cells of the immune system as well as the delivery of these cells to the different organs of the human body. It assists in maintaining a healthy immunity of the individual against invasion (Guyton et al 2000). A wide range of pathological conditions affect the human body. Disorders of the musculoskeletal system of the human body constitute an important set of conditions as they serve to hamper the normal living of an individual owing to their effect on the muscles of the human body. Muscular dystrophies are a set of conditions that affect the muscles of the human body. A dystrophy is basically a condition in which the normal fibers of the muscle become replaced by the fibrofatty tissue. This leads to a loss of functioning and hence the muscles of the

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