Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Prompt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Prompt - Essay ExampleOwning stuff is important in life for example you own a house. If one owns a home they be high chances of moving in that house and living in it as long as one likes. I am able to control myself and am able to install anything I want in the house since a got no limitation and I fulfil safe. The other advantage of owning a home is that the cost is reduced since in get it does not need to rent it from other passel.The most things that make me grateful is that my friends made me who I am by motivating me. Spent most of their time with me until I realized my dream they were with me the time I needed them the most am grateful for they are friends with a purpose.Generally opposite does not attract it is just a believe for the most of the people. Most of the successful relations are not between the people who are polar opposite of each other. The people you are likely to meet and make friends with are not of the opposite your social circle is outlet to be made of p eople who have something in common between them. Mostly the behaviors most friends are of the same behavior and they are only cheerful when together.I would tell him to start a program that would enable the youths to realize their dreams and see their dreams come true. I would also tell him about starting a program of funding the youth and giving that will equalize all the youths in no matter the color. Discrimination among the youths is bad since it affects most of the youths life and they fill hated making them fill worthless in life.I had a friend who really inspired me in my school life I appriset say that he was perfect but all I can say is that he was right he made sure that he full filled his goal and achieved what was best for him he was ahead of me in school but I followed his steps. All I wanted in my full school life is to live just like him he was my role model. He was not discriminative despite the color he was an inspiration

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