Thursday, August 8, 2019

Concept Proposal Beach Bum Gym Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Concept Proposal Beach Bum Gym - Essay Example Apart from these, the gym will also provide playground facility for members who have family and children. All facilities and services of the gym will be developed focusing on two aspects which include motivating the customers and increasing the market share, with core objective of developing a healthy lifestyle for the people. Problem Statement The â€Å"Beach Bum Gym† will be responsible for providing effective fitness service to the people in order to achieve a healthy and fit life. The purpose for this project is to develop a healthy society and generate sense of maintaining fitness for citizens of Hampton. The level of employees required for fulfillment of the project will be almost 10 which will serve the local people who regularly go to the beach. The business project will provide gymnasium facility with up-to-date equipments from quality producers. The members of the gym will be benefitted not only because of gym facility, but also due to enhanced working environment al ong with affordable cost. There are several competitors in the Hampton area which provides standard services. However, this project will not only provide differentiated services with variety of facilities but also will seek to develop a long-lasting social and professional relationship with the customers (Bryman & Bell, 2007). The reason for which people will pay for the services of â€Å"Beach Bum Gym† is that it will provide numerous membership subscription plans according to the preferences of customers. Besides, there will be skilled instructors which will help the members of the gym for accomplishing good consequences without wasting much effort. The idea for the project came from the problem of maintaining healthy life. Presently, obesity is considered as one of the most significant health issues for American people. Obesity not only results in harmful diseases such as diabetes and heart syndromes, but also reduces the flexibility and stamina of body (Verheijden, Jans, Hildebrandt, & Hopman-Rock, 2007). The reasons for which people are unable to maintain healthy lifestyle can be lack of time, increased social responsibility, high pressure of education and job and inappropriate environment for workout (Fitzgerald & Spaccarotella, 2009). Thus, the business project will help to reduce the problems of people which prevent them from maintaining healthy lifestyle. It will provide innovative place for workout, where people can easily make time for gym. Majority of individuals prefer to visit seaside for recreational purposes, and providing gym facility on beach area can attract them to enjoy the gym facility. Thus, the research problem for the â€Å"Beach Bum Gym† project relies on how better it can serve the customers to maintain healthy life as well as increase market share. In order to accomplish the problem, the project will install new advanced tools, recruit trained employees and educate them to motivate and maintain effective relationship w ith customers. As the project will help to accomplish the health objective of members, therefore before staring the workout at gym, every person will be evaluated by the trainers about the desired weight as well as proportion of fat in body. It can help to measure the effort and time that will be required for completing the objectives of the project. The funding requirement for this project will be accomplished by lease agreement, personal capital membership fees and mortgage

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